Learn The Language Of Love And Then Some! Where To Be Culture Vulture In the City

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether it is to catch French beat boxer Faya Braz in action, watch the Handlebard’s latest Shakespearean adventure, gape at contemporary art or watch French New Wave cinema, AF Bangalore never disappoints. Long before we were Netflixing or stealing – *cough* – downloading the latest in world cinema, AF Bangalore was showing off the best of French cinema to Bangalore’s junta, at no cost at all. From French classics, New Wave, Neo Noir to Contemporary and documentaries, Alliance française screens it all. They even have dedicated film screenings for kids. And all of this on a traditional big screen of course. Register as soon as you hear of a screening as it's always first-come-first-serve. Annually, Alliance Française de Bangalore organises a huge musical celebration in honour of International Music Day. Fete de la Musique happens across venues in the city plus at AF itself, this is your chance to catch the best of French, Indian and other global music acts. Blues, jazz, alternative rock, DJ sets, you name it and these guys will usually make it happen. And guess what? Free Entry!

Bangaloreans might flock the French cultural centre for dance, music, exhibitions, film screenings, and even food. But you can also learn the sexiest language in the world — French. AF Bangalore offers a rigorous French-learning programme — they’re said to induct as many as 3,500 students each year. They offer classes through the year and through all levels for children, teens, adults and young adults, and corporate employees. While away your time discussing the French philosophers and cinema over coffee and sandwich at the cafe. Banana bread (super popular here), chocolate cake (by the slice), samosas, cheese sandwiches and endless cups of coffee from the regular, budget fare for students at this French cultural institute. The Cafe de la Liberte has been going strong at AF Bangalore for 21 years now.