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DIY Home Artists Or Industrial Users: Get Professional Pigments And Resins Here

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What Makes It Awesome

If the artist in you wants the wavy special effects in your ocean paintings or a deep cast of blue to resemble an ocean, EPOKE Art is for you. Starting their specialization in art pigments and resins in 2017, they cater to home artists, industrial users and any other DIY enthusiast. Their products are non-toxic, quality tested and undergo customer trials to ensure top notch quality. So if you drop food on a table painted using EPOKE products, you can safely eat it (the five second rule still applies). EPOKE Art Resins can be used for jewellery making, coasters, furniture and countertops. 

The high-gloss EPOKE Art resins are their flagship product that can be used for laminations, casting and coating. Their ocean theme paints are amongst their most sought after products for producing patterns and designs that mimic a bird’s eye view of deep seas and beaches. The brand’s metallic pastes such as the Kohinoor Gold and Peacock Blue produce effects that powdered pigments don’t with their lustrous finishing. They even have dual magnetic pigments that react to magnetic fields of magnets and they also come with a free magnet within. You get some beautiful shades combinations like violet+blue, green+purple, pink+gold and they also have singular shades available. High temperature resistance and light fastness, the lacy white pigments mixed with EPOKE Art Resins produce a foamy texture to your artwork. 

We must mention the brand’s EFX resins that lend resin art with a glossy effect. Use these resins with pigments and you have Maldives on your canvas. The sizes vary from 300g to 300kg and prices vary from INR 600 - INR 23,000. Delivery is global and you can place orders through their website.


They also have a walk-in store in BTM Layout, Bengaluru where you can make purchases directly. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the store might be closed.