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Dealing With Your Period Just Became Very Asan Thanks To This Brand


    What Makes It Awesome?

    So, we've just discovered a new menstrual cup brand that will give all the other brands a run for their money. The whole Asan menstrual cup experience feels like it was meant to make life more asan for you. Here's why!

    The Asan cup has a ring-shaped end that lets you hook and hold onto the stem for easy use. The cup was designed by engineers at the Harvard Innovation Lab and underwent four rounds of user trials. Apparently, the design was used specifically to make the menstrual cup experience smoother for women. They aren’t kidding! We found the cup to be super comfortable and easy to exercise and move around with. Thank goodness, because period chafing and rashes are no joke!

    You choose your cup based on flow and not by size - again, thank the Lord because we’re still struggling with our regular clothes’ sizes. Newbies, they offer customer service for 3 months after purchase of an Asan cup, so you get to clear all your doubts and start using it asani se (ok, we'll stop now).

    Another huge reason why we love this brand is because of their 1-for-1 donations. The lack of sanitary products for women in rural India could be due to a multitude of reasons but poverty is a large part of it. Women and girls living in rural settings end up using dirty rags and newspapers, among other things as period products which end up causing more harm than good. Which is why every time someone purchases an Asan cup, a new cup is donated to an impoverished woman. Asan also conducts workshops, phone support and shares instruction booklets translated into regional languages to help them get fully acquainted with the cup. 

    So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, safe and cost-efficient alternative to your monthly period kit, we recommend checking out Asan menstrual cups.