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    Camping Tents, Bonfires And Views - Sleep Under The Stars At This Ooty Getaway

    Tanmay posted on 31 March


    Aventura is a camping experience in Ooty, where you stay under the stars and enjoy loads of activities and stunning views of the hills.

    Head For The Hills

    If you want to have a holiday that isn’t your usual check into a hotel, take a quick tour, and explore the food and drink scene of a place, then this one is for you. An all out adventure and camping experience in Ooty, Aventura is scattered across a few hills, and you get to stay in tents where the open skies are your only screen, and the sounds of nature are the only music track you get. Sounds perfect, right? The tents are pitched on the hills, with lamps illuminating your path to them, from a common area. There are two separate location for these camps — Tiger Hill, on the eastern side of Ooty, and Fern Hill, the hill which also had the Mysore Maharaja’s mansion. Depending on the size of your group, you can rent tents for two or tents for four, which will be pitched. You also get sleeping bags and an air pillow along with that. The bathroom is not very far away from the tents and has hot water and a shower. The space is terraced, with each terrace landing having some sort of activity. Some of the terraces have tents on them, some have activities including trampolines, sheesha and archery. The topmost terraces are sitting areas for you to enjoy the views and the reception and coffee shop are located on one terrace.

    One With Nature

    When you’re hungry, the coffee shop here only offers Maggi, tea, coffee, cool drinks and biscuits, but for other food, Aventura will order for you or you can always go out and eat. There is a fridge here for you to store your beers and a microwave as well. If you want to stay at camp, the reception and coffee shop area has a TV which you can watch while sitting near the bonfire!  There’s no WiFi here though. Come out here in the sitting area, get a book or a camera and lose yourself in the views and the beauty of nature all around.

    Things To Do

    In addition to just warming up around a bonfire, cycling, trekking, horse riding, karaoke and air rifle shooting are activities you can sign up for when here. You could even go visit a eucalyptus oil factory! You can also rent two-wheelers at the foot of the hill and ride around town. There are quite a lot of good places to eat in Ooty, one being the Clifftop International Cuisine, for their North Indian selection. Also, go to the Culinarium, for their continental food, killer views and pot pies.

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