Boozy Brunches In Town To Turn Your Sunday Into A Funday


    If you’re in the mood to celebrate the start of a new week, you’re on the same page as plenty of restaurants in namma Bengaluru. From champagne sessions to pizza parties, we list lavish brunches – complete with live stations, bar bounty, and exotic delicacies – that you can book a table at, Sunday after Sunday. And while you check out this list of the best brunches in Bangalore, we've also curated an easy brunch look for you


    24/7 at The Lalit

    24/7 - The Lalit Ashok

    Seshadripuram, Bangalore

    A big hit with families, The Lalit Ashok transforms into a rather spiffy picnic spot on Sundays. You can take the kiddies and even doggo (they get their own menu) to the event. And indulge in activities like tennis or swimming. When you want to concentrate on pampering your palate, they’ll serve you everything from Continental to Indian and they even have a divine dessert spread. Plus, you can tank up on their selection of alcohol too. 

    When: Sundays, 12.30pm-3.30pm

    Price: INR 1,795 plus taxes (for non-alcoholic brunch) and INR 2,450 plus taxes (for alcoholic brunch). 

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    Feast at Sheraton Grand

    Get ready to feast like a king at this glitzy restaurant. While knocking back your favourite tipple, you can partake in the lavish spread in front of you. Pastas, pizzas, sushi, and chaats – are part of the brunch menu here. Make sure to reserve a table before you head out to enjoy the brunch at Sheraton Grand. Reservation is mandatory.

    When: Sundays, noon-4pm

    Price: INR 2,000 upwards

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    JW Kitchen

    When you look for nothing short of decadence in your brunch, JW Marriott will serve you well. They host brunches on Saturday and Sunday. And you are invited to come along with the kiddies too. While the kitchen offerings will take you across the globe, you can savour their signature sangrias, Prosecco, and glasses of champagne.

    When: Sundays, 12.30pm-3.30pm

    Price: INR 1,800 upwards

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    Mynt at The Taj West End

    Mynt - The Taj West End

    Race cource Road, Bangalore

    Celebrating a special occasion? Then, Mynt’s champagne-filled brunch will surely add sparkle to your big moment. Between sips of expensive champagne, you can gorge on a huge spread that includes exotic salads, live stations serving up pizzas, and roast meats. Their Lebanese Shawarma and seafood specials are worth biting into too.

    When: Sundays, 12.30 pm - 4.30 pm

    Price: INR 1,750 upwards

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    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Japanese, Korean, and Thai flavours dominate the Asia-inspired menu here. A steady stream of aromatic stir-fries, sushi, maki rolls, and dim sum arrives at your table. These are followed by main-course offerings featuring fresh greens, chicken, beef, or prawns. Top it off with bites of Chocolate Sushi and Japan Cheesecake. To soothe your parched throat, choose between wines, spirits, cocktails, and mocktails.

    When: Sundays, 12.30pm-4pm

    Price: INR 3,000 upwards

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    Olive Beach

    Packed with Mediterranean flavours, the brunch offerings at this applauded restaurant has plenty for vegetarians and meat lovers. The charming setting, wine and innovative cocktails add to the fun.

    When: Sundays, noon-4pm

    Price: INR 3,250 upwards 

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    The Oberoi

    Rim Naam - The Oberoi

    Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore

    Two restaurants at The Oberoi team up to wow you with a Sunday Gourmet Lunch. Park yourself at the soothing interiors of Le Jardin, or enjoy the breeze in Rim Naam’s alfresco setting. Ready to take on the hunger pangs? Start at the cold station and pile your plate with cold cuts, a selection of international cheeses, salads, and sushi. Heat things up with the Mediterranean favourites, fragrant biryanis, curries, and coastal treats. Wash all this down with fine spirits, sparkling wine, or French champagne. Make sure to book a table before heading here.

    When: Sundays, 1 pm - 4 pm

    Price: INR 3,250 upwards

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    The Reservoire

    The Reservoire

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    One of the latest entrants to Koramangala’s bustling brunch scene, has The Bottomless Cocktail Brunch on Sundays. Apart from a delectable spread that includes Continental, Indian and Chinese delights, you can enjoy their bar offerings that include beers, signature cocktails, and IMFL.

    When: Sundays, 12.30pm-4pm

    Price: INR 1,699 upwards

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    Cubbon Pavilion

    Going all out on your next Sunday brunch? Then, we recommend you make a reservation at this luxurious restaurant. With your sparkling wine or champagne glass in hand, you can hit the interactive counters that dish out pizzas, waffles, grilled meats, seafood, and whatnot. You can then turn your attention to the buffet table that’s loaded with dishes from all over the world.

    When: Sundays, 1pm-4pm

    Price: INR 3,250 upwards

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