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Click, Click Snap: Best Polaroid Or Instant Cameras To Buy Across Budgets & Uses

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Yes, you love your smartphone photography and enjoy its convenience but the romance in retro technology (vinyl records, cassette tapes, polaroids) is something else, especially that of the instant camera. Imagine clicking a picture and watching it print and develop fresh, right in front of you. This is just half the fun. Sticking these in a picture book or framing them in your rooms is a whole other joyride! So if you're a photography enthusiast, you need this list and an instant camera in your arsenal. Read and save right away! 

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 11: Looks Great & Budget-friendly

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

You've probably already spotted this bad boy on several influencer posts and fell in love instantly (pun intended). The most affordable of the lot, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 makes for the perfect gift too! Despite its low price, this polaroid has a high-key exposure feature and a standard selfie mirror upfront. Most of all, it is loved for the several colour options it comes in.

Price: INR 5,999

Polaroid OneStep Plus: Vintage Vibes

Polaroid OneStep Plus

An instant camera fit for the polaroid purists, the Polaroid OneStep Plus ain't messing around in its design and function. It looks as close to the OG instant cameras and in the long haul could turn into a collectible. Features wise, this one comes with a USB-rechargeable battery, two built-in focal lengths, and an app that lets you control the camera’s settings with a smartphone.

Price: INR 35,999

Lomography Lomo Instant Automat: Added Features

Lomography Lomo Instant Automat

Fun aside, if you're looking to experiment with your shots using an instant camera, pick the Lomography Lomo Instant Automat Glass Camera. Don't be fooled by its compact size, this gadget can take sharp shots and has multiple features (that other polaroids lack) like multiple including long exposure settings. This set also comes with macro, fish-eye, and wide attachments together with what's called a Splitzer -- it helps create a cool collage effect.

Price: INR 19,890

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay: Portable & Printable

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Total value for money is Fujifilm's Mini LiPlay thay functions both as a camera and a printer. Plus its super compact size let's you carry it anywhere, all you need is a pocket and a fantastic moment to capture. It also allows you to easily print a photo from your phone (in about 12 seconds) using its mobile app. Other fun features include inbuilt frames and filters, the option to review images before printing and the ability to print around 100 photos in a single charge. 

Price: INR 11,499

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link: Filmless Fun

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

The only hassle (although worth it) with an instant camera is the packs of film that you will burn through. Fujifilm's Mini Link sloves this aspect completely for it has no camera functionality! Alll you use this for are to print images from your phone using the app. The app has enjoyable features (ones the millennials will totally approve of). Like the Party Print which lets you create collages from multiple phones while Match Test takes images of two people (or two images of one person) and prints a combined image.

Price: INR 9,999

Kodak Smile Instant Print Camera: Sleek & Instant Yet Digital

Kodak Smile Instant Print Camera

One could mistake this instant camera for a slim smartphone but its sleek design is to blame (or thank). Touted as the hybrid of an instant and digital camera, the Kodak Smile Instant Print Cam also saves the pictures it prints which is pretty cool. It's user-friendly features and zero ink technology prints (no film) makes this instant camera a great beginner's pick too. You can also edit and share photos with the Kodak Smile Instant.

Price: INR 25,999

Polaroid Now: Old-Style, New Features

Polaroid Now

The Polaroid Now strikes perfect balance in its old-school design (point and shoot analog instant camera, front flash, polaroid photograph) and new and improved modern features (dual-lens autofocus, bluetooth connectivity, remote trigger). Together these produce superior quality images with sharp and vivid colour in full size square prints. The Polaroid Now also wows with its colour selection. You can pick from classic black to fancy green.

Price: INR 33,000