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What Makes It Awesome?

Sarposh is the best Kashmiri Restaurant. The staff is the best, they are so humble and down to earth and well trained! The interiors were from Kashmir and they crafted it so well! MashaAllah ambiance
So we started with the Zafraan Kehwa which is a drink having saffron, cardamom, and almonds. Moving on, they washed our hands using a tasht and a baari and served the Zafraan Rice to me on a trami or copper platter. On the trami, they served the Waza Palak (chefs special spinach stew) the waza chicken (the chefs special recipe of chicken) and the chicken Shami Kebab. They also served me the chicken mirch korma and ended the meal with the chicken yakhni (Curd and mint based gravy)
For dessert, I had the famous Kashmiri Zafraan firni. I also tried the lemon cooler drink called the Babri Byol.

The best place every to experience Kashmiri food in Bangalore must try!!