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Miso, Shoyu Or Tonkotsu: Our Pick Of 9 Top Places In Bangalore To Get Ramen

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We believe everyday weather is ramen weather and Bangalore being Bangalore always blesses us with the perfect ramen almost all through the year. Celebrate the city's ramen weather with piping, hot bowls of comforting ramen. We’ll tell you just where to find it. 

Naru Noodle Bar

Naru Noodle Bar is a noodle project by Chef Kavan Kuttappa where each week there's a new ramen bowl for you to order. It's a cloud kitchen and every Wednesday the ramen bowl for the weekend is put out with pre-orders on Thursday via Naru's Instagram handle and delivery happens on Sunday. The ramen is sent as a DIY kit where you need to put together the bowl (you'll have to cook the noodles and boil the broth). We love putting together the ramen bowls. Our favourites include the Spicy Tori Paitan Ramen, Iekai Ramen, and the Shoyu Ramen. There are vegan/vegetarian options available too in the form of Kimchi Ramen and Yuzu Hazelnut Tantanmen Ramen. 

Pro-Tip: Naru also does monthly ramen pop-ups which sell out quickly, so you have to keep an eye out on their social channels to grab yourself a ticket. 

The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao has a number of ramen options including the house special, a vegetarian Exotic Mushroom Ramen that is made with mushroom broth and assorted vegetables including smoked sweet corn, and renkon chips. For those who need their meat, the Charred Beef Ramen and our favourite Spicy Red Chicken Ramen is what we recommend. The Beef Ramen has a miso-beef broth. The Chasu Ramen comes loaded with bacon and braised pork belly. 

Pro-Tip: They have a Fatty Pho Ramen with black noodles that delicious and quite filling.  


One of the city’s oldest Japanese restaurants, Harima has a few ramen options that you can choose from. Our go-to order at Harima for ramen is the classic Shoyu Ramen which you can order in two sizes - regular or large. In fact, all their ramen bowls are available in these two sizes. The Tantanmen Ramen is a spicy version (we haven't particularly found it spicy, but if you have low tolerance, then it might be spicy for you) and the Chashu Ramen comes with a chicken broth and Chashu (pork). For vegetarians, there's the Negi Ramen. 

Pro-Tip: The large bowl is perfect for two people but unfortunately has to be split, so if you aren't particularly hungry then go for it. 


The ramen at YouMee is comfort food at its best. We've heard ramen snobs say how it's not authentic, but honestly, we enjoyed what we've had -- the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen and the Vegan Coconut Curry Ramen. We love that they have enough options for both vegetarians and others. The Braised Tofu with jalapenos is an interesting pick if you love your veggies. YouMee Signature Ramen comes recommended to anyone who loves miso-ginger broth ramen with calamari, prawns, and grilled chicken. 

Pro-Tip: The Chicken Ramen is for anyone who loves a bit of spice.

Burma Burma

Burma Burma might be known for its vegetarian/vegan Burmese food but their Kaya Oh, a Burmese Ramen made with shiitake mushroom broth and topped with crumbled tofu and bok choy needs a special mention on this list. It's served with a red bean relish and instead of your usual ramen noodles, this one has glass noodles. It's a winner for us. 

Pro-Tip: Order kombucha to go with your ramen.


Another spot in town for a no-fuss comfort ramen bowl is Mamagoto, their Mama's Spicy Ramen in specific that is available in a chicken and vegetarian variant. The veg one has minced vegetables and soya chunks along with buttered corn kernels and blanched spinach served in a super-spicy broth while in the chicken one the soya is replaced by minced chicken. 

Pro-Tip: Best to eat it at the restaurant itself. 


Misu's Kimchi Ramen was our favourite during their Ramen Fest many years ago and we are so glad it made it to the regular menu. The Spiced Kimchi Ramen packs a good punch thanks to its kimchi spiced chicken broth. You can opt for chicken or prawn as your protein pick. The fried egg works well for us in this case and we don't miss the jammy ramen eggs. There's a Vegan Ramen too. 

Pro-Tip: You can keep it classic by ordering the Miso Ramen.


Taiki in Indiranagar does four kinds of ramen -- try their Yasi Ramen with fried tofu, bamboo shoot, snake bean, and corn if you are a vegetarian or vegan. They also serve Chicken Ramen and Seafood Ramen. The Korean Ramen with gochujang and kimchi is a favourite of ours. It's got a nice spicy kick and you can customise it to a veg, chicken or prawn variant. 

Pro-Tip: Order a side of baos to go with your ramen. We found the bowls slightly less filling. 

Azuki Japan Travel Bistro & Sake

Azuki has a Hiyashi Chuka which is a cold ramen bowl topped with veggies that is perfect for the summer. But if it's a big bowl of broth that you want to down, then the signature Paitan Ramen which is made with a slow-cooked eight-hour chicken broth is your pick. You can add chicken or pork as your choice of meat. The noodles are handmade and we love that. The Shoyu Ramen is the other option that you can add chicken or pork chashu to. There's nothing for vegetarians here, unfortunately. 

Pro-Tip: If you are hungry, then go for the Ramen Combo that lets you pick a choice of ramen and half a plate of fried rice or dumplings of choice.