Let The Little Tykes Loose At 12 Of These Lovely Parks In The City

Parks are a great way to let kids connect with their environment and provide them with a daily dose of fun and adventure. We at BuzzingBubs, are on a mission to cover all the best children’s parks in Bangalore so you never have to enter a mall to entertain your child. While a lot of children’s parks in Bangalore need attention, the quality and standards of some will take you by surprise. We’d like to give a big shout-out to the local bodies & authorities for making this city a better place for children. Here’s a list of parks that we’d like to call the best parks of Bangalore.

Nandavana (4T Block) Children’s Park, Jayanagar

This is one of the newer parks in town managed by the BBMP with 14 different pieces of play equipment. The centre of attraction is a light fountain in the centre of the park that comes on at 7pm and looks like electric fireworks! At the entrance, they request children to remove their shoes either because they don’t want the equipment to be damaged or because they’re worried that kids will slip if they climb on the equipment with flip-flops and flimsy footwear. We recommend that you carry a pair of socks if you don’t want their feet to get too dirty. To grab a bite or for an emergency bathroom break, there’s a Café Coffee Day across the street.

Where: 38th Cross Road, 4th T Block, Jayanagar

Price: INR 5

Timings: 9am-1pm and 4-8.30pm


Nandavana Children's Park


38th Cross Road, 4th Block East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

  • Per Child: ₹ 5

JP Park, Mathikere

This is a large park with the play area divided into three sections and has a variety of equipment for all to play. A small rock garden, with steps and seating areas made of broken glass pieces is a noteworthy attraction. The large pond with fish, which come near the shore to gobble up food thrown by the visitors, is yet another thing to experience. This park has a nice and wide walking trail, where you can find many visitors running and jogging. Close to the entrance of this park are big statues of animals and humans, which serve as the ideal backdrop for many a photo op.

The musical fountain, which is open on weekends is the focal point of this park. Be ready to wait in a long queue though. One of you can volunteer to stand in the queue while the rest head to make a round of the park. There are two shows — at 7pm and at 7.45 pm  {a 30-minute duration}. Mostly local songs with peppy beats are played with a rare Hindi or English number. Be sure to grab a good seat in the higher rows to enjoy the show to the fullest and click good pictures/videos.

Where: Srinivas Murthy Road, Bandappa Garden, Mathikere

Timings: 5am-8.30pm and 5-8.30pm

Defence Colony Children’s Park, Indiranagar

This is another nice large park in the city divided into three parts. Two sections have equipment, while one is kept open for sports like badminton. It has some unique play equipment like a rope bridge, tyre and rope swings. In general the equipment is well designed for toddlers as well as older kids.

Where: 3rd Main Road, Defence Colony, Indiranagar

Timings: 8am-noon and 3-7pm


Defence Colony Children's Park


3rd Main Road, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bangaluru


    RV Road Children’s Park, Chandavalliya Thotta, Jayanagar

    This is a hub for kids in the area. With a good number of play equipment, each child can find something to do without having to wait in line. There are slides suitable for one year olds to higher and larger slides for older kids. A good collection of swings, a rope ladder and a horizontal ladder are available as well. A sign in the park says that it is open only to younger kids up to 5 years, but older children are not restricted from entering and playing either.

    Like a lot of newer parks in town, it is floodlit so kids can play well after sunset. The wonderful tree canopy shades it in the day so it’s great to play even in the middle of the afternoon. A walking area, benches and gazebos are in the adjacent parks for adults. The park is open throughout the day though the children’s park has a separate entry with timings. There is a small internet café across from the entrance run by a kind old gentleman, who also stocks juice boxes and chocolates — perfect for a pick-me-up for the kids after tiring themselves out.

    Where: Adjacent to 4th Main Road, Jayanagar

    Timings: 4-9pm


    Chandavalliya Thota


    9th Cross, RV Road, Jayanagar, Bengaluru


      Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park

      Cubbon Park sprawls over an area of about 300 acres and is a jewel among the green spaces of our Garden City. The children’s play area – Bal Bhavan – has a variety of slides and swings in addition to large open areas for children to run around. The Putani Express toy train ride is a long-standing Cubbon Park tradition and is open to children and their parents. An added attraction is the Government Aquarium located nearby. Cubbon Park’s morning “no vehicle” policy makes it an ideal safe cycling space for children.

      There’s a separate section inside the park which you can reserve for birthday parties and is well equipped with a few play equipment like swings, slides, see-saws, etc. primarily for younger kids aged 2-5 years. The public toilet available on site is not recommended. It’s preferable to head to a restaurant or cafe nearby.

      Where: Kasturba Road

      Price: Free entry for kids below 10 years; INR 10 per adults, INR 5 for kids {train ride} and INR 20 per adult {train ride}

      Timings: 10am-6pm

      Kuvempu Park, BTM Layout

      The play area at this park is on the smaller side with a limited amount of equipment, some of which also may need a few repairs. The park is beautifully laid out with animal sculptures — giraffe, elephants, peacock, deer and a dinosaur too! No wonder this is famously known as the “zoo park” by many kids. The walking park is beautifully maintained and the ground extents are quite large. There is a fountain on site, but it’s not clear what hours it is turned on. There’s also a spacious gazebo right at the centre of the park for you to relax or take a break.

      WhereBTM Layout 2nd Stage

      Timings: 5-9am and 4-8pm


      Kuvempu Park


      5th Cross Road, 2nd Stage, BTM Layout, Bengaluru


        Lakshmi Devi Children’s Park {6th Block}, Koramangala

        This park is not to be confused with the one with the same name on 80 Feet Road, Koramangala. This park is a fairly large space with plenty of room for kids to run around. The equipment may look a little worse for the wear but is in good shape. It is a nice park to hang out at in the evenings and maybe indulge in a corn on the cob near the gate before heading back home.

        Where: Ganapathi Temple Road, Koramangala 6th Block

        Timings: 5-10am and 4.30-8pm


        Lakshmi Devi Park


        151,19th Main, Ganapathi Temple Road, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru


          Science Park, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

          Let your kids examine the structure of a DNA strand, look through an optic tree, whisper to a giant dish and play in and around the molecular structure of a crystal! Your child may not yet recognise the science and concepts behind the many unique play pieces at the Nehru Planetarium Science Park, but that’s definitely not going to come in the way of them having a whole lot of fun.

          This park makes it very convenient to keep the kids occupied while you wait for the start of a show at the Planetarium, or for one of the adults in the group to entertain a younger child not allowed into the sky theatre while the older kids watch the show.
          You can also hop across the street to see the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain if you are there in the evening. There is a play area and open space to run around too. If the little ones get hungry for a snack or need a refreshing drink, there is a Nandini stall in the science park campus.

          Where: T. Chowdaiah Road

          Timings: 10am-5.30pm

          11th Cross Park, HSR Layout

          This is a simple but very well-maintained park and has a beautiful Ganpati temple inside the park. The equipment is basic and typical of city maintained playgrounds. Space is plentiful so kids can run around freely. This park may not be on a lot of parents’ radars, but it is worth checking out.

          Where: 11th Cross Road, Sector 1, HSR Layout

          Timings: 5-10am and 4.30-8pm


          11th Cross Park

          11th Cross Road, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru


            Sankey Tank Park, Sadashiva Nagar

            There are two entrances to this lake front park maintained by BWSSB and the BBMP – one from Malleshwaram and the other from Sadashiv Nagar. Enter through the Malleshwaram side to witness the buzz and excitement of activity around the children’s park filled with various play equipment like swings and slides.

            The trail along the lake edge is a favourite with walkers and children who love to see the ducks and pigeons. There is also the recent addition of a yoga enclosure which is open both in the mornings and evenings. If you need a snack, tasty bhel puri and ice creams vendors are available near the entrance.

            Where: 11th Cross Road, Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar

            Timings: 5-9am and 4.30-8pm


            Sankey Tank Park

            11th Cross Road, Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar, Bengaluru


              Jayamahal Park

              This is a beautifully landscaped park with a well-maintained kids play area. There are many animals and other figurines placed around the park. You can also plan to visit Snow City on Jayamahal Main Road, which is not that far away.

              Where: 6th Main Road, Jayamahal Extension

              Timings: 5-10am and 4.30-8pm

              Mini Forest Children’s Park, JP Nagar

              This is a linear green space just east of Bannerghatta Road (behind Gopalan mall) divided into 3 separate parks, one of which is dedicated for kids with a play area. The other two sections are dense green spaces sprinkled with a good number of benches to lounge around in. The parks are well maintained and kept clean. There’s an MTR located just across the street if you’d like to catch a quick bite or a nice hot cup of filter coffee.

              Where: 3rd Phase, JP Nagar

              Timings: 5.30am-10pm and 4.30-8.30pm

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