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Dive Deep Into Fishy Treats at these Seafood Restaurants in Bangalore


    Ah! The sea maybe far, far away but thankfully the seafood isn't. Old and new restaurants are dedicating entire menus to underwater offerings that are dressed up in butter garlic sauces, deep-fried in robust masalas, or cooked using traditional recipes that have emerged from the coastal regions. LBB swims around to find you the best seafood restaurants in Bengaluru.

    Kudla Delight

    Does the thought of authentic Mangalorean seafood made with byadagi chilies bring tears of joy to your eyes? Then it’s time to take a trip to the newly opened Kudla Delight restaurant in R.R. Nagar. Belt on fresh Tiger prawns, crabs, lobsters, pomfret, and other seafood with a side of appam, neer dosa, and rice. Every dish is enveloped in flavourful spices like cloves, cinnamon, and peppercorn and promises to satisfy all your spice cravings. In case you feel like ordering take-out, they are on Zomato! 

    Must try: Crab ghee roast, neer dosa

    Hotel Fishland


    Majestic, Bangalore

    This no-frills restaurant’s iconic status is well-deserved. Head here for their simple-as-it-gets fish thali and pair it with their Crab Chilly that comes drenched in a robust masala and their fiery Prawn Masala. Best for a quick lunch that has variety and yet, isn't too heavy. For more tips on what to order, read our review here.

    Must Try: Fish Curry Thali and Chicken Sukka

    Sea Spice by 7 Star

    For a long time now, Sea Spice has been doing a stellar job of serving the seafood-crazy citizens of the city. With their ample seating area and captivating rooftop ambience, their masala-coated Squid Rings, Anjal (seer fish) Fry, and their Prawn Sukka are among the recommended picks. Options are ample and if you want this to be a grand affair, they even have a bar menu through which you can order drinks to pair with your food. 

    Must Try: Anjal Masala Fry and Fish Curry

    Anupam’s Coast II Coast

    Anupam's Coast 2 Coast

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    Famous for their prawn (and chicken) ghee roasts, Anupam’s has plenty to offer on the fishy front. Slightly on the pricier side, come here with family and do try their tangy Fish Pulimunchi, Marvari Sukha, and their various butter garlic and chilly offerings as well. The murals on the walls and the cozy seating space are an added bonus for the complete dining experience when you eat here. 

    Must Try: Crab Ghee Roast, Fish Pulimanchi

    Anupam's Coast II Coast has an outlet on Church Street as well. Read more about the place here

    Sanadige - Goldfinch Hotel

    Sanadige - Goldfinch Hotel

    Seshadripuram, Bangalore

    Start off with the refreshing crab soup at this speciality South Indian, seafood restaurant. You can then make your way through the rest of the menu that’s peppered with drool-worthy treats like Pomfret Fry, Yetti Jeera Meera (prawns done up in peppery masala), their Anjal Coastal Fry, or ever Marvai Sukka (clams tossed about in a dry coconut masala). Complementing your meal will be a classic homestyle venue lined up with antiques and just... homely things!

    Must Try: Samudrahara Platter 


    An award-winning restaurant, Karavalli has earned high praise and accolades for its menu that focuses on the cuisine of India’s southwestern coast. For starters, try their Meen Eleittad, black pomfret cooked in banana leaf, or their Crab Milagu Fry – pan-roasted mud crabs. Lush garden areas and a cottage style indoor space allow you to dig into plates of neer dosa drenched in their coconut and mango-infused, Alleppey Fish Curry.

    Must Try: Meen Eleittad and Crab Milagu Fry

    Carnival de Goa

    Carnival De Goa

    Ulsoor, Bangalore

    This laidback restaurant with its Goan-Portuguese interiors is the perfect place to nurse a chilled one and dig into plates of prawn biryani, Calamari Rava Fry, and Prawns Peri Peri. If you are here during lunch time on a weekday, do try their well-priced fish thalis, they’ll surely perk you up but your productivity afterwards is sure to take a hit.

    Must Try: Crab Xeq Xeq, Calamari Rava Fry and Poi Sliders


    Kerala’s coastal delicacies come alive at this posh restaurant. Begin your meal with Chemmeen Thenga Ularthu (prawns stir fried in a coconut and spice mix) or Meen Nirachathu, where fish fillets are stuffed with slivers of raw mango before being fried. Next, try their Njandu Varatiyathu, crabs cooked in traditional spices before a sliver of kokum is added for that lovely tang, or you could go for any of their mouthwatering scampi curries. Adorned with posters of Malayalam movies and actor, this place is a treat weather you're a Mammootty fan or a Lallettan fan. 

    Must Try: Grilled Scampi and Meen Nirchathu

    Mangalore Pearl

    Budget-friendly Mangalorean treats are this place’s USP. Ask them to bring you plates of those wafer-thin neer dosas and chomp them down with helpings of their prawn sukkah, that’s coated in spice and coconut. Or you could pile up on the rice with their Bangda Ambot Teek (mackerels done up in sour and spice gravy) and slices of surmai fry. We also loved is the restaurant's curry profiles on the menu that show how each curry is going to look like and taste. 

    Must Try: Prawn Sukka and Surmai Fry