Black Ice Crew Steps It Up To Revive The City's Hip-Hop Dance Scene

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Bangalore’s premier breaking crew is more than just stellar performances — they offer workshops, jam sessions and have paved the way for an all-inclusive hiphop community in the city.

The Get Down

Starting in 2008 with just four members, Black Ice Crew entered the local dance scene, and were the first major B-boy crew in India, well before most people even knew what it was! And for those still wondering, B-Boying or breaking is an American style of dancing that involves physically intensive movements in rapid succession to a beat — airflares, backflips and windmills are pretty typical, and will definitely leave your head spinning {literally, they do head spins}! The crew has now grown to around 15-16 members, including two B-girls. They’ve served as a huge influence on the Indian hip-hop dance scene, so check them out, whether you’re looking to get involved or just check out their sweet moves. Start with a little top rock, then move to the get down, then comes the down rock, mix it up with a freeze and finish it off with a blowup!

On The Grind

Black Ice Crew has now grown to be one of Bangalore’s leading dance crews, performing at major festivals and programs, like Road to Battle, where they go up against other top breakers like Roc Fresh Group from Mumbai. They also host an annual hiphop and dance event, Freeze, which happens in the latter part of the year. They organise workshops and hiphop jams, bringing in local artists like Famous Fauj, as well as renowned international artists like B-boy Shuho from Japan! They have frequent collaborations with dance studios all over the city — currently they’re working with A.R.D.S. studio in Thippasandra, if you want to check out some of their workshops. We can’t wait to do head spins and look as cool as they do. Maybe we’ll even sign up for So, You Think You Can Dance?.