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Woah! Try These Awesomely Fancy & Special Sundaes At This Outlet!

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Bored of the same old ice-creams, try these fancy sundaes from The Golden Scoop Icecreams

Located in the corner of the busy streets of Malleswaram, very close to Sankey tank, this cosy corner has something very fancy and trendy. Most of the items here are hand-picked and even the dairy is from their own farm, and all their sundaes are made from scratch, hence it's completely natural and healthy.

In frame :

Tender Coconut Sundae: As the name sounds this looks very different and fancy. Scoops of ice cream placed on the empty shell of tender Coconut, with rose milk, which makes it look bit pinkish. Also topped with nuts, sprinkles. This sundae is one of their specials.

Ice cream Spaghetti :  ice-cream and chocolates squeezed in the form of spaghetti, along with the assorted flavours, also sprinkled with some nuts,  this tastes very crunchy and yummy at the same time.

You won't find this sundae on the menu, one has to ask for this.

Cake Fudge: We all would have tried the normal ice-cream fudge right,  which normally consists of ice-cream and brownie but this has something extra, as the name sounds it has small chunks of cake in it. Sounds very tempting right ?

Guava Delight Sundae: This is something very different, a combination of sweet and spicy. The pulp from Guava is replaced with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkled with some chilly powder.  Also garnished with small slices of pulp. Just imagine the taste of sweetness, spiciness and chillness of ice-cream.

Our personal favourites are Ice-cream spaghetti and Tender Coconut Sundae.

Along with sundae, they also serve sandwiches, burgers and beverages. The best place to peek in when you are in the streets of Malleswaram.