This Certified Canine Nutritionist Picks Her Top Dog Health & Care Products!

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Dogs and humans have had a long, mutually beneficial relationship. This relationship has evolved over the years and now, instead of dogs just being our working companions, they have also become a huge part of our lives. Many of us pet parents, think of our dogs as family members, and why not? They deserve all the love that they can get. As the saying goes "A dog is not our whole life but they make our lives whole". 

As a holistic Canine Practitioner at Georgina's Kitchen, I have interacted with some of the pet parents who have chosen holistic methods or have made products that are very well suited for our beloved four legged family members. I am listing 5 of my favorite products and doggo-friendly brands that I have tried and tested so you guys, dear readers, can also benefit from them.

Scooby Dub Dub: Tick & Flea Treatment, Skin and Coat Care, Back In The Day

.Ticks and fleas are one of the biggest problems that pet parents face throughout the year, the diseases they carry are scary and I strongly believe in the "prevention is better than cure" saying. SDD, as it is popularly known, is a product made by a company called Back in the day. The creator, Chinthana Gopinath, has put in a lot of thought while creating this product and the reviews are spectacular. Completely natural, chemical free and the smell of this product makes me nostalgic with memories of age old remedies that were used by our grandmothers. SDD does not just keep the bugs away, it also nourishes the skin and coat, making their coats shiny and soft. Don't forget to also try their other products, Quicky clean and handmade soaps. These are also human friendly products, so go ahead and have a home spa session with your beloved fur baby.

Bio-Enzyme: Natural Floor Cleaner, GreenTactics


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This product is such a great replacement for chemically laced floor cleaners. Dogs tend to sit on the floors a lot and the chemicals in our floor cleaners tend to cause a lot of harm to their skin coat, leaving quite a few dogs itchy and irritable. This product created by Juhi Dutta is chemical free and the aroma helps keep our dogs calm. Her company GreenTactics makes these toxin free products which makes the floors safe for our dogs. They have 10 different variants and 2 variations of vetiver and valerian that are especially safe for dogs with epilepsy and anxiety issues. The best part? You know your dogs are not ingesting any toxins if they are licking the floors. You can also return the packaging to them after use, making GreenTactics an eco-friendly brand.

Healthy Fats, Wildleaf


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Dogs need fats in their meals and what better than this pure and healthy hemp seed oil which not only acts as an anti-inflammatory but also improves brain function, alleviates pain and reduces anxiety? The founder of Wildleaf, Vignesh Murthy, has spent a lot of time in research and sources oil that is pure. There is no difference between hemp seed oil that is used for dogs and humans, making this a safe choice for humans too. They will help you with dosage instructions and the oil comes in cute glass bottles that can be reused. Vignesh is also very responsive and does not hesitate to help with information on dosage and benefits. 

Car Seat Covers, Pawffles


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Enjoy long drives? I have used their car seat cover for 5 years now, there is no scratch, fading or a single tear. Garima Gupta, founder of Pawffles, makes these beauties. Their car seat covers are durable and washable, easy to use and one-size-fit for all cars. They are so easy to put in and remove and they are made from cotton, you can choose if you want them to be waterproof or not. I have the waterproof variant and I am very happy with the quality of this product. They are also very lightweight and they dry very quickly after a machine wash. You can even choose between different patterns because they offer options.

Hemp Oil, Curebydesign:

Cure By Design

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Hemp oil. Another of my favorites that I use regularly for my epileptic pooch who also struggles with age related arthritis. This product is so good for dogs with Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, epilepsy, cancer and a lot of other conditions. The founder, Daanish Matheen founded Curebydesign and he is one of the most helpful people I have come across. The CBD content in the oil not only helps with alleviating pain, it also helps with healing the body and can be used for general well being. The packaging comes with dosage instructions and Daanish also spends a lot of time in research and new product development. In fact, I am eagerly waiting to see his range of new products for dogs.