Cann-A(i)-Bis(uy) Cool Backpacks From This Brand? Yes You Can!

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What Makes It Awesome

Who said you cann - a - bis in peace just by consuming greens the other way? Here is a brand, B’leaf, that sells 100% pure hemp products such as hemp protein and backpacks made from smooth raw hemp-cotton blend. The brand sells backpacks for any occasion and they’re easy to carry, with spacious interiors and comfortable hemp fabrics that add a cozy edge to your look. Ever thought of hugging your bag like a pillow and falling asleep? You might want to give it a thought now. These bags come in minimal knit patterns and no fancy extravagant prints with warm shades such as cream, pink, and olive green.

What drew us in awe of this brand is its drive to have its customers embrace their personalities and moods through the bags. All these bags are UV protective, odour free and easy on the environment as hemp is earth-friendly. They’ve named their bags the likes of Laidbag, Ziggy, Blunt, Hungout, Lowkey and Bella. Laidbag is for the peace-d out one, who isn’t affected by trivial things. Then come the Blunt and Hungout with sturdy fabrics for those of you having a more on-field requirement and following comes the little Ziggy, perfect for a casual outing. Want all of that in one bag, we suggest Bella, strong, elegant and versatile. Their dual tone light-dark shades of pink are comforting and not too loud, ideal for those of you with a simple disposition. Enough said, buy these bags from Shop, right here on LBB.