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Men, You Need To Accessorize With These Funky & Quirky Options

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There there, men. You needn't be of the belief that jewellery and accessories aren't of any concern to you. Not when LBB is offering you something different and something unique with its collection of accessories and men's jewellery, right here on Shop for LBB. From cool chains that you can have around your neck at any casual outing, to cufflinks that will provide an edge to your formal attire and casual, cool and trippy (we meant when you take off on an escapade - trippy) bracelets, LBB is the platform for cool men's accessories. Read more to know about all that LBB has in terms of jewellery and accessories for you menfolk out there. 

Rhodium-Plated Bullet Pendant with Chain From Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery

Rhodium-Plated Bullet Pendant with Chain


Hit the outdoors with the boiz wearing this supercool rhodium plated bullet pendant made by Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery. Made with an amalgamation of different metals, this pendant is the ideal addition to your look when you head out to vacay. The beaded chain and small bullet pendant exudes a beautiful grey shade that isn't too much but not too less either. We also suggest you wear these for a party over a plain black t-shirt and a pair of blue denims. We must caution you to keep them away from perfumes and moisturizers though. 

Navy & Silver Checkered Square Cufflinks From Glitz Cabana

Navy & Silver Checkered Square Cufflinks


Wear those formals and look like a man in some form with these uber cool cufflinks from Glitz Cabana. Checkered navy and silver seem to be a match forged in heaven as these cufflinks go just perfect with any white shirt that you wish to wear. The diamond-esque design is made from a combination of metals with Rhodium as the main metal. Sophisticated, minimal and not too extra, you need these cufflinks to go with your formalwear. 

"Bhukkad" Printed Badge From Inside Out Innovative Designs

"Bhukkad" Printed Badge


If you're in college, great and if you're not, then this is your chance to relive those days of fun and fiasco as you affix these cool printed badges to your preferred choice of fabric. Inside Out Innovative Designs might not do much work on the inside, but from the outsides, you're bound to fancy their badges on yourself. These badges have simple illustrations, quotes and are worked with warm overtones of colour to add that extra jazz. Attach them to your sling bag, ID Card or any part of your clothing to feel cool, yes, damn cool. 

Cut-Out Bow Tie From Mensome

Cut-Out Bow Tie


These aren't bow ties, more like Bow-woah-ties with the kind of whacky appeal they offer. Not actual bow ties, Mensome has come out with these acrylic bow tie cutouts that are carved with intricate flowy patterns rather than having a soft flat surface. You will surely standout in a crowd with these easy to wear acrylic bow ties. Again, just tie this around your shirt collar, we'd suggest a white shirt and done, you're set. These are available in colours of beige, brown and black and go best with light coloured shirts.