This Brand’s Baby Imprints And Cast Work Makes “My Kid Left A Mark” Come True

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What Makes It Awesome

How you wish you could go back to your childhood days, yes? Or maybe your parents did when you had the hands, feet and face of a lilliput. Now that you can’t roll back the days of yonder, this brand makes it easy for you to preserve those memories. Baby Imprints, as the name suggests specialises in imprints and cast works for your little ones. These imprints are basically casting, molding or ink prints of a baby’s hands, feet or face that are FDI approved and non-allergic. These make for some great memories, bound to be cherished throughout one’s lifetime, reminding parents and children of times gone by. 

We love the casting of the hands, feet and face that are of different sizes. Imagine the iron body of Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four (the OG 2005 movie) and this is what the brand makes. Brass and metal casting of body parts and trust us, they look real. You can choose from the metal option or the brass in particular. Get the imprints for both your hands or single ones and even your face and feet. For those of you in love, you can get a couple imprints as well with a 3D imprint of the two of you holding hands. What’s better is that you can get the 2D imprints framed to hang in your home. How do you go about getting your own casting done? Simple, enquire with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature.