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Gifts That Are Perfect For That Friend That Loves Florals But Not Flowers

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So you know or are someone who loves all things flowers, but not bouquets and such itself? There are people who think bouquets and plucked flowers are lazy gifting, and for what? The flowers last a few weeks at best, and a reminder that all beautiful things are temporary. For those people who feel this but still love flowers, there are a range of things you can buy to channel the floral aesthetic without actually getting them flowers, and it’ll last longer too. So if you’re looking for floral and flower themed gifts that are not flowers, here’s a list!

Mugs By The Minted Brush

Minted Brush

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A useful mug with cheery handpainted flowers by the Minted Brush comes off as super thoughtful, and will be appreciated. Can the mug be used for decor? Yes. Drinking beverages? Sure. Serve as poetic inspiration? Definitely. Flower power to the max. 

Glassware By Psyrays

For those who want glassware with pops of vibrant, colourful flowers Psyrays should be your go-to. Right from fancy glassware (crystal decanters to coasters), to clear jewellery boxes and coasters, Psyrays floral range of products are what you gift for those who like things old-school fancy. If not a set, get them some light catchers or wall plates. The best part is that you can get custom art done too! 

Apparel From Sini Lifestyle

Sini Lifestyle

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If you’re gifting clothes to a flower child, you best believe they like clothes that go with the theme. At the moment, clothes from Sini Lifestyle are following a heavy floral theme that just scream spring-summer fashion. Flouncy, Floral, Frilly, Flared, and Fun is all what encompasses their style. A tropical maxi dress or a floral kimono shrug really will cheer up whoever you gift this to.

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Jewellery From Alankaara


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Flowers have always been accessories and Alankaara makes jewellery out of real flowers encased in clear resin. There’s a magical vibe to the accessories that beautifully catch light while highlighting the delicate flowers within. Bougainvillea, clovers, daisies, Queen’s Lace and other delightful flowers find themselves in Alankaara’s Jewellery. You can also customise it to have the recipient’s favourite flower incorporated into their jewellery. 

Home Linen By Label Halfway Home

Halfway Home

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Floral printed linens always add a pop of colour to any home. Indian inspired floral prints really add a sense of warm indo-chic elegance to any space they’re in. So if your gift’s recipient has just moved into a new house, or loves botanical prints gift them runners, sheets, or cushion covers by Halfway Home. Marigold, Poppies, Wildflowers - find them all popping - handmade and handprinted too! 

Pressed Flower Decor By The Crimson Shop

For those who love flowers, and want an immortal version of them, art and decor from the Crimson Shop will be the perfect gift. Using responsibly gathered flowers, they’re pressed into beautiful works of art or design elements in decor. It’s a literal piece of nature in your home, on the wall. 

Floral Gin By Clearly Good Gin

This one is a rather unconventional option, but gin is known for containing botanicals with juniper and tastes rather floral at the best of times. Clearly Good Gin is blue thanks to the Butterfly Pea Flower extract in it. What’s cool is that it turns pink when you add tonic water or lime to it, so it’s really like magic! At the moment it’s only available in Goa so you’ll be rewarded with brownie points if you source it for gifting purposes.

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Embellished Wall Hoops By Tassle Life

The Tassle Life

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Wall Hoops and Dream Catchers are definitely for that friend who loves a boho, slightly beachy vibe at home, or their space of comfort. While we love all the offerings of the Tassle Life, the wall decor options with floral embellishments and embroidery are really works of art! With designs incorporating cute wildflowers, tropical flowers, and blooming floral trees, you can create an embroidered garden on the walls their products adorn. Their collection across the board favours flowers, so pick up anything for your floral loving friend.

Jewellery By Aadikara

One look at Aadikara’s collection will tell you why their jewellery makes the perfect gift (even if to yourself). Made of blown glass, their floral pieces are delicate as they are magically whimsical. Be it tiny blooming lilies on the pad, or tuberoses, or brilliant blue spring flowers, the glass jewellery will leave you and any recipient in awe. Perfect for special occasions, this is also one of those thoughtful, priceless gifts that anyone will treasure. 

Floral Stationery By The Spring Palette

Stationery lovers, the Spring Palette has anything and everything to satisfy. Florals are unsurprisingly inherent in the Spring Palette’s theme and product range. Notebooks, prints, wall art, bookmarks all have lovely prints featuring handpainted florals, among other things. We’re also loving the calendars and planners available. 

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