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Want Rugs Shaped Like Shoes And Cars? These Guys Make It Happen

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Extra Rugs

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What Makes It Awesome

What started as a lockdown habit is now a full fledged business. Olson started Extra Rugs after he stumbled upon the idea of customisable rugs on the internet. He initially started off with a clothing brand but later went on to sell rugs through it as well as he saw the idea gaining more steam. No, we’re not just talking about rectangular and circular rugs but also ones that can be made according to your liking. How about a Lightning McQueen or a Shoe shaped rug? Pretty cool, right?

We love the whimsical mosaic face rug that is craftily made. Olson says he made this as a personal project which later gained popularity. You can even get quotes and any image or design transformed into a rug. All you have to do is send Olson an image of the rug you need and pay an advance to have it made. These rugs are made from Polyester Yarn and the most basic size is 2ft X 2ft. It’s useful to know that if you send images that include many elements, you might have to purchase a rug that is a tad bigger than your desired size. The wait time for the rug is a month as a major part of the process is handcrafted. 

The rugs will set you back as much as INR 2,000 for the most basic 2ft X 2ft size. Needless to say you can purchase as large a size you want.