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The C-RUG-X Of The Recommendation Is That You Need This Brand’s Rugs

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Have you had that feeling when you’re about to enter someone’s house and you see their cute/funny little rug and feel happy about what lies ahead ? We certainly have and I’m sure you would’ve too. Now here’s a chance for you to be the reason for someone else’s joy with The Rug Bugs’ custom made acrylic yarn rugs. These are 100% vegan and also a more affordable option as wool is expensive. Started by Suraj and Aparimita as a hobby during the lockdown, the couple takes in queries from clients and counsels them on the size, design and options best suited for their needs. Lest we forget to mention, these guys are super adorable in making this business work as each of them work from their own homes and make sure that customers are kept in the loop, from the manufacturing to when it reaches your doorstep.

    The brand sells floor rugs, wall hangings and cuddle toys in different shapes and sizes. All this with your own design and concept, think Darth Vader, Harry Potter or a fruit/animal shaped rug. A small fuzzy rug of five inch will cost you INR 600 whereas their biggest size variant, 5ft x 6ft would cost you anywhere around INR 8,000. Here’s how you can get a rug made for yourself.. Get in touch with them through LBB’s Enquire Now feature and discuss your concept with them. Done! For any use, here’s a custom made rug that is as cute as it is nature friendly.


    They offer free gift wraps, message cards, and free shipping for orders less than 20 inches.

      Available Online