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Want To Master Photography Skills? This Production House Is Known For Their Kickass Work And Workshops


    What Is It?

    Want to hone your craft and develop your photography skills to officially upgrade from a ‘DSLR friend’? This place is just what you need. GlamFlame is a multifaceted professional photography and cinematography studio which also conducts a number of splendid workshops about Studio Lighting, Natural Lighting, Fashion Photography, New-born Photography, Compositing, and High-end retouching. They have a really cool and flexible space where you can shoot everything from corporate films to baby photoshoots. 

    What Makes It Awesome?

    With international names like Sissi Wang, Elena Shumilova, Sandra Al Ayoubi, Ilya Nodia, Kelly Brown, Dani Diamond, Dheny Patungka and Hartmut Norenberg among others as the workshop mentors, there ought to be some crazy energy in the room. That’s not it! let’s just take a moment to breathe in because these are way more than just workshops. A unique experience is curated by the studio owners to ensure customer satisfaction which is visible in the attention to detail so you can sign up to have a great learning experience. The place emanates creativity in terms of architecture, vibe, and lighting. From movable backgrounds to some really awesome props, they have anything and everything you might need for a great professional working experience as well. 

    So if you are looking for a space to shoot corporate films, photoshoot, fashion shoots or pretty much anything else, GlameFlame has got you sorted. An IT professional with a knack for photography and an arts graduate - Sourav and Ritika started the journey of GlamFlame to realize their need of providing world-class skills through acclaimed workshops. Their space involves a working area, a meeting area, and a space for changeable backdrops which offer the edge for some really pretty frames. The space is even really well lit naturally and they have all sorts of equipment to get you that perfect shot.

    So We Are Saying…

    Book the space in advance for shoots and participate in some really incredible workshops with one of the most well-established mentors one could ask for!