Check Out Yum Gourmet Burgers From Burger Jack Now!

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When you crave for delicious burgers there aren’t many options that are available in Whitefield beyond the regular American chains. While they are good, the level of standardisation is something that you get bored off, soon. Wanting to try something different and interesting, I recently ordered a couple of gourmet deliciousness from Burger Jack and I was totally impressed.

I ordered a classic Barbecue Chicken burger and a Cajun Chicken burger, which comes with fries and surprisingly with a bag of house-made chips as well. I did order a salad on the side too.

The salad was super fresh, with olives, zucchini, bell peppers and a few chunks of apple on a beautiful bed of fresh green iceberg lettuce. The salad was beautifully seasoned and was super fresh with every bite, extremely crunchy and did not need the dressing at all. But smear on a little tangy dressing, the salad just elevated itself to gourmet standards, throw in some shards of cheese it is a meal by itself. In fact, this is exactly what I would order on a day I would want to dine light, maybe with a few chunks of grilled chicken. Healthy, Fresh and just purely delicious.

The burgers were totally generous with a huge piece of patty sandwiched between the buns with a decent amount of veggies cheese and a fried egg in the case of the Cajun Chicken burger. While fries are classic, for me it has always been the potato wafers that make a burger more enjoyable and Burger Jack totally gets me on what I need and what I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, the fries were great, it’s just a personal preference that the potato wafers were absolutely gorgeous with the burger. And getting served both the French fries and potato chips is pure gourmet.

For me, a good gourmet burger always starts with the bun rather than the patty. The burger buns were so good, airy, light, buttery smooth and did not disintegrate with a bite, now that’s what I call a great gourmet burger. Have a look at the picture of the cross-section of the burger, the bun was super aerated and just perfect.

The Barbecue Chicken burger was superbly meaty and delicious, perfect with nice smoky goodness that was made just right, it was my most favourite burger until I tried the Cajun Chicken.

Though the Cajun flavours were mild, it was a much meatier patty than the barbecue chicken and was quite massive with delicious meat cooked perfectly. The fried egg did not add much to this superb burger, nevertheless a good addition

The burger bun and the quality of meat were excellent and this place comes highly recommended for delicious gourmet burgers in this part of town.