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Planning That Weekend Trek In The Lush Hills Of Karnataka? You’ll Now Need A Green Passport


On your next trekking trip in Karnataka, it won’t be enough to carry your best pair of hiking shoes and gear with you. You’ll now also need a passport.

Green Initiative

In late 2017, Karnataka’s forest department and eco-tourism board launched the Green Passport initiative. Aimed at creating excitement and awareness among trekkers, the green passport would be a simple booklet that would give you access to some of the best trails in the State. These will be stamped after you completed a trek. The initiative also sought to cut down on illegal activities and reduce the number of accidents on trekking routes in the State.

However, the initiative only received a lukewarm response. This has now prompted officials to make the green passport mandatory on many trekking routes. These include Avalabetta, Kudremukh, Madikeri, Dudh Sagar, Mysore, and Sravana Durga. In total, 16 trails have been identified. You will need to approach the local forest department office to get your passport.

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