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Enter 2020 With A Promise Of A Skill Set: Here Are Some Hobbies You Could Pick Up

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With the decade coming to a close and the new year just around the corner, we understand the pressure to pick up hobbies and skills along with resolutions. But fret not for we’ve found some really interesting things for you to learn. From our discoveries this year, we present fun hobbies to pick up in 2020!

Get Fit And Lit In A Fun And Offbeat Way

Ditch the gym and embrace a healthy lifestyle with climbing stations and bungee jumping based workouts. Jumplo in Koramangala is a place you must check out. While moving and grooving with a harness around your waist, you’ll be sweating in no time. Let’s Play is a climbing station on Cunningham Road that lets you strengthen your core by climbing indoors and challenging yourself.

Get Creative And Pick Up A Fun Arts And Crafts Skill

The Hobby Place is a joint you must check out if you’re passionate about art and want to pick up painting or to learn to express yourself. Located in Langford Town, it is in the CBD area of the city and makes for a great pitstop on your way home after work. The Living Walls in JP Nagar is also a co-curricular space so you can take your little one along to bond and have fun.

Learn Music And Lyrics From These Schools

If you’re interested in picking up western music, it’s never too late to do so. Head to the Yellow Brick Studio to learn vocals, piano, drums and even get certified by some popular schools. Rainbow Bridge is another school in Ulsoor that also has a recording studio so you can make your musician dreams come true after you pick up skills.

Make Homemade Goodies With These Baking Classes

Stop ordering from food delivery apps and become a pro at making desserts and baked goods by attending baking classes. Lavonne Academy Of Baking & Pastry Arts in Indiranagar. Whether it’s six weeks or even weekend courses, this is where you should go. Caroline’s baking classes known as Currylines is also a great space for you to pick up baking skills. Her three-day basic classes are great for beginners.

Get Your Scuba Diving On And Tick Off Your Travel Goals

Don’t worry about travelling to the coast to try scuba diving when you have schools in the city. Shark Tale Scuba is a school in Bangalore where you have confined water training and then you’re taken to an open water body to get certified for real. Aquanut India has an open diving certification course as well.

Dribble And Score At Football

Already a pro at footy but just don’t know where to play? There are plenty of places you can kick about with fellow enthusiasts. In fact, there are pitches in the city which stay open until wee hours of the morning, so you can make time for the game post work. If that isn’t enough, Bangalore is also home to India’s highest rooftop football arena. Go on, sign up, what are you waiting for? Ladies, we’re hoping to see you on the pitch too.