Get Moving: Indoor Games For An Adrenaline Rush

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Like most of us, you're home and quarantined with the family. To keep things alive you play a bunch of board and videos games. Eventually this "in place" routine gets boring and starts weighing you down. Then you begin looking for change and some much needed adrenaline, oh no, you're in a fix. Before you get to this stage, we've put together fun indoor games that require you to get a move on. These are nostalgic, need close to no gadgets, easy to mix up with your existing schedule and if you've got kids, a cherry on top!

Hide & Seek

This game requires no introduction, we've all grown up playing it and there's never a bad time to make a revisit. For those with larger homes, hide & seek is going to be plenty of fun. If you have a smaller home, you can still play! Just get more creative with where and how you hide. Trust us, the silly you will come alive with this classic. It's even more fun with the lights out, so you know what you can do during those night time power cuts. 


Ah, what sweet memories hopscotch brings back and best of all, bringing the game indoor takes nothing. You could use masking tape, a piece of chalk to draw an outline or even look up nearly 100s of videos you will find on how to DIY an indoor hopscotch. Throw that pebble, hop to get it back and back and repeat!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is up there when it comes to creative indoor games. The premise is to make a list. A list of anything. It could be of everyday objects you need to bring back, or even places you have to take pictures in a specific way, play around as you'd like. The lists are usually to the point, the game depends on how you go about and execute it. Each task in a scavenger hunt is worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points accrued at the end of the game is named the winner. Be sure to prioritise and time yourself well to make it!

Treasure Hunt

A well-organised treasure hunt can get your adrenaline going in the best way! Unlike a scavenger hunt, treasure hunts are based on solving cryptic clues. It could be a puzzle, rhyme or riddle and you could hide anything you'd like as the treasure. You can also add twists and make your treasure hunt non-sequential which means as opposed to directing teams to find clue one and then proceed to clue two, they could find all clues and then decipher where the treasure lies hidden!

Freeze Dance

Unlimited enjoyment and entertainment is what a session of freeze dance guarantees. All you need is something to play music out of. The actual fun is to curate a playlist with music from all genres. Once the music plays, you dance, once it stops, you hold position and freeze. Those unable to do so are liable to any form of punishment. We especially like a round of push-ups or jumping jacks muahaha! Something else you could do is have everyone learn the same step and do it while the music plays.

Musical Chairs

We agree that you need a large group for musical chairs, but even three people can play this and have a blast! Just the thought of whether you'll have a chair to call yours once the music stops is enough to get the spirits going. To amp the level of fun, add eggshells to a chair and see who still values winning over stinky pants!


This party pleasing game is all the more fun to play in cramped up spaces. If you don't have a mat, you can make your own (look up the several videos online). You're going to be left in spilts and a compromising position after a round of this game! 

Pillow Fight

No rules. Go ham.