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Oldie But Goldie: From Paintings To Flea Markets, There's Plenty Going On At The Iconic CKP

Suzanna posted on 19 October

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is one of the city’s biggest cultural hubs. The visual arts complex, with a college of fine arts also on the premises, has so much to offer that you can make an entire day of taking in the art and activity that surrounds you. What’s more, its also doubles up as a venue for some of the greatest exhibitions and flea market the city has ever seen. An art lover’s paradise, there’s plenty to do here from whiling away time at an art museum to painting classes. Here are some of the reason’s we’re loving CKP.

Art Museum

Housing many rare paintings, sculptures and even puppets, the art museum at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath has much to gape at. From stunning paintings by Nicholas Roerich {a Russian painter} and by his son Svetoslav Nikolayevich Roerich {you can spot portraits of his wife, yesteryear’s great actress Devika Rani, in his collection}, who has captured breathtaking landscapes of the picturesque Kulu valley to folk art works dating from 1800s to the 1950s donated by art connoisseur HK Kejriwal, there is much to marvel at. You’ll even find celebrated sculptures by artistes Sunil Das, Shyamal Dutta Roy, and Bikash Bhattacharjee. Plus, a space dedicated to leather puppets and dolls. The museum is beautifully arranged with many different rooms and corners with well-curated collections in each. 

Price: INR 10 for the museum.

Art Mart

Want to add a smidge of high art to your home? Pick up a piece or two from their art store that stocks up on paintings and plenty of books and encyclopedias on art. It usually features local talent so it’s a great place discover the thriving arts scene of the city. The prices are wholly dependent on the artists, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to speak to the art makers themselves. They also have a painting restoration centre close by that restore and treats old art in a way that protects and maintains their charm and beauty that we love about them

Bhasker's Stationery Shop

Wanna tap into your inner Picasso and create your very own works of art? Get equipped with the right tools at this nifty little store within the premises. That’s right! The famed stationery store of Avenue Road has another outlet on the grounds CKP. A little hard to find on your own {although the passersby will be more than willing to direct you to it if you ask them} climb down a narrow flight of stairs and walk into a stationery wonderland that made the heart of this stationery junkie thud a little louder. Packed to the gills with all of the art supplies and stationery you could dream of, get your hands on everything from brushes and paints to rolls of paper and pens with every kind of tip imaginable. We spotted the hard to find Micron pens here, that are used to sketch anime. What’s great about this place is that they’re affordable and have plenty of products that suit your needs and fall within your price bracket unlike the other stationery stores around, which brings much joy to all the artists that flock to the store every day.

Hobby Classes

Now that you’ve got the artistic inspiration and art supplies sorted, it’s time to develop the talent. Sign yourself up for the hobby classes conducted here that are completely open to the public. The classes are conducted at this cute little space that looks like a tiny house made with clay bricks, on a small hill, which to us seems like the perfect setting to get those creative juices flowing. You can master either Traditional Mysore Painting or Basic Painting here by attending a six-month course that will teach you the ins and outs of the art form and its techniques. The fee for the courses are INR 20,000 each and you can sign up for them at the office.

Kamat Kala Ruchi

Run by the iconic Kamat chain of restaurants, the CKP Canteen is always buzzing with loyal patrons. Tuck into the fluffy idlis and the crisp dosas from the Kamat Kala Ruchi that’s right there and open to all. Try the Open Butter Masala Dosa that’s a crowd favourite here. Usually crowded by the students of the fine arts college, you can spot many engaged in excited chatter or solitary artists sipping their hot filter coffee slowly, waiting for inspiration to strike. Either way, the vibe here is incomparable and the food is great too.

Cultural Venue

Are you even a Bangalorean if you haven’t attended an event or flea hosted at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath? With an outdoor space specially designed to hold cultural shows and events, plus four gallery space to rent out, CKP plays host to many a market and exhibition that you don’t wanna miss out on. From handicrafts to yardages, there’s plenty of artsy goodies to pick up at these. But perhaps their most awaited event is the Chitra Santhe with over 1,500 stalls featuring work of lesser-known artists from across the country. Come across some great finds here at affordable rates as the whole theme of this event is to make art available to all.

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