Floral, Honey, Chocoate: This Coffee Brand Hits All The Right Notes & Flavours

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What Makes It Awesome

For extra productivity, there's always room for extra caffeine, and Lazy Bee Coffee Rosters will fuel your inner lazy bee and make it a busy one! Based out of Bangalore, they specialise in artisan blends. Sourced directly from Estates in Coorg and Chikmagalur that have produced award winning coffee beans and blends, you're guaranteed to enjoy every sip you take! Working directly with the estates, and roasters, they have classic blends as well as their own speciality blends on offer. The coffees are hand selected and curated by coffee connoisseurs, so you can bet that they even know the best way to brew and drink it. Usually mentioned along with the product, there's something for every type of coffee drinker.

For instance,  Golden Crema, a caramel flavour with chocolate notes is best enjoyed after being brewed in a Espresso machine, and Moka Pot it would seem. The Morning Buzz -- with hints of vanilla and bitter-sweet notes of chocolate is an Arabica-Robusta blend, with a medium to dark roast and is best enjoyed brewed from a coffee maker, South Indian filter, or Moka Pot. For adventurous caffeine seekers, they also have a Cherry Blossom blend, that's a medium roast Arabica with floral notes and hints of cherry. All coffees are roasted to order, so it's fresh when you get it. Shipping is free, and they deliver across the country. To place an order, visit their website, and to know more, hit the "Know More" option.


They also sell sampler packs if you want to try everything before committing to a blend. 

With inputs from Roshni Nayak