Learn To Dance Like Beyonce And JLo At These Sexy Dance Classes

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Always wanted to move shake like Beyonce or shimmy like Shakira? Sign up at Dance With Dee and you might just make it happen.

You Like To Move It, Move It?

My first introduction to Deepika, the founder and instructor of Dance With Dee, was on Instagram. I chanced up her videos, and almost like a creepy stalker, kept watching more. Finally a dance class that not only teaches you the techniques of hip-hop, contemporary and bursts of jazz, but that oh-so-important sass and swag you need to rock the dance floor. No, really, attitude is so important when you want to be Queen Bey!

Deepika splits her time between Mumbai and Bangalore {though Bangalore get more attention!}, and her classes are not your typical one. If you have a particular song that is on your mind, just tell her and she’ll do a choreography for it. I bet Despacito is on your mind, so join up, and learn those Puerto Rico moves.

Shake It Off

Another lovely aspect of her sessions is that she films some of the classes {read aforementioned Instagram stalking}. It’s all about getting you to be confidenct not only about your dance, but more importantly about your body.  There’s nothing you can’t do! Hell you can take on JLo in a dance off soon. And the best part? It’s total utter fun. You’ll never have as much fun when you’re sweating it out. Such a good workout. No treadmill or cross-trainer will get you grooving, eh?

So, you think you can dance?


Have to impress at your BFFs wedding, or part of the boys’ side and need an ace choreographer? Just call Dee, and she’ll choreograph something perfect for the occasion, weaving in personal memories, songs and all you need to make it fun.