Ocean Themed Onesies To Stripey Shirts : Minimalist Love From This Kids' Brand

Liz Jacob

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Get natural children's clothing clothing with minimalist designs like origami animals, nature motifs, and geometric patterns from Liz Jacob's online collection. 

What Makes It Awesome

Millennial parents (and aunts and uncles) only want their baby beneficiaries to look their best, and be comfortable, especially when out and about. Keeping all this and more in mind, Liz Jacob makes natural clothing for children (newborns to 10 year olds) out of cotton, linen, linen-cotton, and even organic cotton.  

The idea is to keep the cuteness of children’s clothing minus the (sometimes) eye-hurting colours, prints, and fidgetiness that sometimes exists. Onesies, shirts, pajama sets, frocks, and rompers are available in pastels, and solid colours with cute prints like origami teddy bears, animals, tropical fruit, and even dinosaurs! No, don’t think loud, almost comic panel prints, but small, minimalist ones - clean lines and geometric shapes. The attention to detail is strict, right from the sourcing to the finished products, so expect clean cuts, neat seams, and sharp silhouettes. 

Each collection has a limited number of styles and pieces to keep things slow and exclusive, yet fresh. If your (and your child’s by extension) aesthetic is minimalist contemporary Indian, Liz Jacob’s clothing hits the nail on the head as it combines Indian artistic techniques with simplicity. Available online, either on their website, or DM them on social media. If you really want to get a feel of what you’re buying, they have a small collection available at a boutique in Biere Street. 


Keep an eye out for Liz Jacob at pop-ups and trunk shows that focus on conscious clothing with a collection different from what’s usually available. 

Liz Jacob

Available Online