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Discover Brigade Road in Bangalore with curated reviews and recommendations on top places to see, best shops, best cafes, restaurants, & bars, and markets & other tourist attractions. Explore Brigade Road with LBB.

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Pad Thai To Tom Kha: This Hidden Gem Serves Up Authentic And Yum Thai Fare, Wise Guy On Brigade Road Is The Place For Old School Rock Tees And Superhero Apparel, Moccasins Or Crocs: This Shoe Store On Brigade Road Is Iconic As It Gets, Choco Pastries, Breads And Loads Of Nostalgia At This Old-School Cafe, Strawberries, Peaches, Roseapples, And Persimmons - Get Them All At This Exotic Fruit Shop, For Fuss Free, Budget-Friendly Shoes That Will Keep You Stylish, Head To This Store, Rasam Whiskey To Gola Cocktails: Load Up On Desi Cocktails And North Indian Food At This New Bar, This New Rooftop Resto-Bar Has Dosa Waffles, Live Screenings And Amazing Views, Pizzas In Three Sizes, Killer Milkshakes And Avocado Salad: Try Trick Or Treat On Brigade Road, Beef Shapta, Fried Cheese Momos And Spices Galore At Yak Kitchen On Brigade Road,