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Maki, Krapow Or Masamman Curry: Load Up On South East Asian Flavours At This Edgy Restaurant

Amrita posted on 30 September


If there is one place that has rounded up all our favourite South East Asian flavours and dishes, without a trace of Chindian, then it has to be Misu. Expect dim sum, sushi, nasi goreng and the works.

Chow Down

Pomelo Salad, Drunken Beef, Chicken Khao Suey, Ice Cream Sandwich

Sip On

Hakka, Earl Grey Iced tea

Winning For

Dim sum, sushi, and stir fries… what’s not to love. Plus, the fresh and summery cocktails.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Utilising the empty space right next to The Open Box {the owners are the same} on St Mark’s Road, Misu is a long space and is done up like a trendy Asian bar. Tall bar stools overlook massive glass windows creating the illusion of space. There’s also comfortable sofa seating and regular tables and chairs that overlook a wall made with astro turf. The place looks like it means business; we are guessing they are targeting the area’s office goers, who are looking for a quick working lunch or even a meeting over a meal.

Misu En Place

The menu offers salads, starters, small plates, curries and meals in a bowl. Starting with a soup, we picked the prawn tom yum — spicy and piquant with kaffir lime and galangal adding to the flavours. The Orange & Earl Grey Iced Tea mocktail was really fresh on a hot summer’s day with slices of orange, OJ {freshly squeezed, we think} and Earl Grey tea. You can ask for an alcoholic version with vodka too. The Hakka was another surprise with its tropical beach vibes with hints of coconut, lychee juice, passion puree, and lime juice, all shaken with vodka and white wine. We asked them to tone down the sugar in this one and were happy to report that the cocktail was perfect without too much sweet.

Main Attractions

Moving on, we first tried the Spicy Pomelo Salad. If you love citrus combined with oriental flavours, you will love this salad, which was the right mix of tart, sweet and spicy flavours. Up next were an assortment of Rainbow Dumplings {unicorn trend we see you!} stuffed with chicken and basil. These made for quick but good bites. The Drunken Beef deserves a special mention, with the right amounts of chilli, basil, garlic and oyster sauce. But we gave our hearts to the Ikan Pepe, even though it was made with basa. This Indonesian-style grilled fish with ginger and chilli, came wrapped in a banana leaf, and was fiery, but in a good way.

While the nasi goreng served as mains was delicious with its fried eggs, chicken satays and spicy rice to be mish-mashed and eaten, our vote definitely goes to the chicken khow suey {vegetarian and mixed seafood versions are also available}, served with plenty of condiments. This is exactly the kind of comfort food we were seeking that day.

Don’t forget to try out the Singapore Style Ice Cream Sandwich. We were pretty sceptical before we bit into it, but one bite and we were converts for life. The delicate Lemongrass Ice Cream complimented the rainbow-hued sponge cake wrapped around it. This dessert made us nostalgic for those ice cream sandwiches of childhood.

So, We're Thinking...

We are definitely going back to try the soft shell crabs with garlic pepper and the Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice. What we like about Misu’s menu is that it not only offers usual suspects such as dim sum and Thai curries for the safe eaters, but also dishes out Hong Kong Curry Fish Balls and the Korean Gamja Hot Dogs for those looking to explore newer territory.

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