Seize The Clay At This Pottery Studio In Whitefield, And Take Home Your Creations

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Located in Whitefield, Mud Effects is a pottery studio which regularly conducts workshops and classes on pottery and clay for people of all ages.

What Makes It Awesome

Feeling creative? Look no further than Mud Effects, an exclusive pottery studio with a pleasant ambience of an open to sky terrace, making it a perfect and productive activity to undertake on a weekend.

You’ll come across a variety of fun workshops and classes taking place at the studio every week. There are workshops for children as well where they are taught to work with clay. It is super fun, and clay is also proven to be a natural stress buster – so, don’t think this activity is meant just for kids! They have pottery making classes on the wheel and even hand – built pottery classes. What’s more is that you can get a free demo trying your hand at the pottery wheel to see how different hand – built pottery is from wheel pottery. Techniques used for hand building like pinching, coil, slab, cutting are all taught as a part of the hand built pottery workshops and you can even take it home once you're done.

Mud Effects is a must visit for all pottery and clay enthusiasts – beginner or expert! The studio has both short and long term courses, including one – day workshops. This fun activity can be taken up alone, with friends or with your significant other (do we hear Unchained Melody playing in the background?)


Mud Studio also conducts terracotta jewellery making workshops and you can also buy beautiful, hand painted jewellery sets here!