Sustainable & Ex-Straw Special: These Bags From Nagaland Have Our Heart & Money!

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What Makes It Awesome

Very rarely does a bag give us the joys of summer, unmatched class and ex-straw good vibes but NagaKart, ticks it all and then some with what they have in store. We're talking about the talk of the town in the bag world -- Straw Bags that are good for mother earth and even better for our pockets (read: the most gorgeous and affordable straw bags you've ever laid eyes on!). Given the name, it's a no-brainer that this sustainable business hails from Nagaland, what's special though is how in under 6 months of existence, it's taken over the hearts of everyone across the country. Ours included. 

Founder Nancy Kent shares being an entrepreneur was always on the cards and since art was her way of self expression, bringing the two together was inevitable. All she had to do was put together an army of women artisans, mindfully source eco-materials (her choice was straw) and get to work building an accessory that is indispensable to ladies worldover. Pinterest-y, cheeky, cute, whimsical, carefree -- all of these adjectives flood our minds when we look at NagaKart's bags. The deft artistry, native to the town, shows beautifully through the straw totes, slings, picnic bags and clutches but it's the hand painted flowers and greens using vegetable dyes and hand embroidery that make these straw bags a sure shot standout.

We'd happily add one of each design to 'kart' from here but if we were forced to pick -- we'd zero in on the classic Nude Drawstring Bag, the summery Daisy Embroidery Bag and dreamy Hydrangea Inspired Bag in lavender.


All of NagaKart's straw bags are completely natural, lightweight yet sturdy and biodegradable. We love the prices the most -- INR 700 to INR 1,600 only! Nagakart is slowly expanding their eco-conscious products and have added Straw Planters, Laundry Baskets, natural Loofahs and more to their collections.