Give Back To The Community Through These NGOs

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The city is ever-bustling with organisations doing work that’s socially and environmentally valuable. Many of these organisations are volunteer-friendly, offering you a chance to donate your time and skills while gaining some enrichment and valuable life experiences. Here’s our list of NGOs to volunteer at in Bangalore. 


A non-profit dedicated to providing quality education, Akshara works with schools in Karnataka across a range of programmes, variously focusing on supporting English teaching, reinventing Maths education, or encouraging reading. Volunteers can participate in their events, help connect Akshara to a potential supporter, aid fundraising, and more.

CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action)

The well-established animal welfare organisation runs seven centres in Bangalore, including a veterinary hospital and a geriatric centre. How can you possibly say no to them cute puppies?


There’s no getting around the fact that Bangalore has a pretty stinking garbage problem, which is closely linked to the lack of recognition of the work of waste-pickers. Hasirudala is one of the organisations that tackles this head-on, by aiming to improve living conditions for the city’s unorganised workers (waste pickers) as well as provide waste management, recycling, and training services to the city at large. They invite volunteers who would like to help set up Hasirudala-enabled waste-management solutions in homes or workplaces, or support their Dry-Waste Collection Centres. They also invite donations.

Pratham Books

Pratham Books wants every child to have access to good, relevant, relatable books, and, to that end, have published books in 18 Indian languages. They also conduct regular events featuring book readings, storytelling sessions, and more. Volunteers from a range of backgrounds are welcome. You can contribute to app/video development, help with communication activities such as their newsletters and press releases, or participate at book fairs. Or if you’re happy to just tell stories, you’re more than welcome here.


The child-rights organisation, started by seven volunteers, has a thriving volunteer program, reporting a count of over 3,500 volunteers across its centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. Volunteers can contribute through a range of campaigns, raising awareness, and contributing skills and expertise.

People for Animals

People for Animals rescues injured animals, including endangered species, in and around Bangalore. You can volunteer in the rescue node; in awareness-raising; in administrative tasks such as the maintenance of their website; in fundraising, grant-writing, fostering, and more. They require a minimum commitment of six months, as well as one shift per week.  

Blank Noise

The community project built to address street harassment grew out of our own city, and is entirely volunteer-run. You can sign up to be an Action Hero, making you a proactive participant in ending sexual violence.

MAD - Make A Difference

Started by youth, for the youth, Make A Difference (MAD), is a non-profit organisation which started in 2006. All they ask is that you spend anything between two and 10 hours to help children in orphanages and street shelters. Reaching out to about 4,000 kids across 23 cities as of now, volunteering is rather fulfilling — mentoring, teaching and interacting with the kids to build a support system for them during their childhood.


Different strokes for different folks is what Headstreams believe in, as they work with vulnerable communities in urban Bangalore. Focusing especially on children, adolescents and women, their program helps provide a safe space to promote mental health through play. So, if teaching children isn’t your ballgame, volunteer to play with them maybe?


An outreach program that promotes personal safety and sexual awareness among children, enfold works with educational institutions, work spaces, and residential communities.Their programs range from conducting gender sensitisation programs to delivering restorative justice. Help build a better, safer world for children by educating adults to facilitate such an environment either as a volunteer or intern.

Youth For Parivarthan

Tired of complaining about our problems and waiting for change? Youth For Parivarthan is your answer as they’re proactive in efforts to make a ‘Swacch Bharat’ in all senses of the term, no strings attached. Involving other aspects of self-reliance, you’ve probably seen the fruits of their labour on many illegal dumping spots, and flyover pillars. They spruce up the area with some art as well, so if you’ve always wanted to paint walls, here’s your calling.

The Ugly Indian

Started as a one person effort, and not restricting themselves to the formal category of an NGO, The Ugly Indian questions the premise of what we think is the root cause of trash in the city. From spot fixing pain stained walls to cleaning up entire illegal dump yards, the Ugly Indian operates on the beliefs that change comes with us citizens. Take ownership of keeping the streets and city clean. 


Requiring only two and a half hours of your time per week, U&I has mentoring and non-formal education (tutoring post school,computer skills, communication skills) programs for underprivileged women, school going children who are mentally challenged or come from low-income backgrounds. Or you can teach them English to empower and equip them with communication skills to help them become independent and self-reliant. 

A Rocha

A wildlife conservation non-profit, the environmental education organisation at the fringe of Bannerghatta National Park is heavily research based. Recognising the need to educate and inform communities that share borders with wildlife, they conduct outreach and sensitisation programs in schools and community centers around the park borders. 

Aravani Art Project

Aravani Art Project is a woman and transgender collective NGO that facilitates, encourages and helps them create public art, wall art. Through public/wall art they help create awareness about the transgender community and the relationship between a woman and transgender. They also conduct panel discussions, meet-ups and participate in theatre festivals and perform street theatre. These women and the transgender community creates beautiful pieces of art that one can buy and add it to their living space. You can also volunteer with them by contacting them through Instagram.