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Enjoy Not Just Your Life But Also Your Wardobe In Multicolour With This Edgy Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    If you are someone who likes everything hip and not so mainstream, then your life and even your wardrobe is neither black nor white. NorBlackNorWhite is an apparel label for both men and women that showcases the true versatility of Indian prints, colours, and textiles- neatly wrapped up in contemporary silhouettes. Their clothes emanate a sort of ease; the cuts are loose and comfortable. Think casual shirts and tops, hoodies, jackets and A-line and shift dresses.  The street style clothes along with accessories that are so 90s and back in style by this brand is an absolute winner. We are talking about boxy dresses, parkas made out of ikats and other Indian handlooms, jogger pants with tie and dye accents and even sarees that are as colourful as a rainbow. You’re going to be a serious source of style envy with their pieces. 

    The prints (and fabrics) are bright, exotic and subtle all at the same time. We’ve heard that fashion is art and NBNW nails that theory without a doubt with their aesthetic. The prints are a combination of everything they (and possibly you) love- the opulence of India’s textiles, pop culture elements such as Michael Jackson and RnB and an unmistakable touch of the ’90s. If you are someone who loves everything shimmery and shiny, you are in for a treat as they have a whole range of clothing made out of lycra net which is hand-dyed in colours of silver and gold by artists in Delhi. Their bucket hats and scrunchies definitely bring back the 90s nostalgia factor and we love it! You’re going to have to drop a pretty penny for NBNW’s goods, but we’re thinking it’s worth saving up for a few classic pieces. Hit up their website and amp your street style.