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Your Search For Anglo Indian Food Will End At This Home Chef's Kitchen!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Okay, we get that you have set favourite cuisines that you always indulge in over the weekend (or week), but how do you get to your next "omg, I'm really craving dash" without trying something new? We have a suggestion and a super underrepresented, and miles away from Asian, Italian but very much in the Indian hood at that. It's Anglo-Indian cuisine and it's totes yearn-worthy (I can vouch for this as I am part Anglo)!

    Where on earth do you order? From the House Of Anglo, of course. Firstly because the food here is all home cooked by Karen, using authentic family recipes. Secondly, it's all cooked to order and from scratch, so no bottled anything (including sauces or tomatoes) go into your meal. Lastly, the food is downright delicious.

    On the menu, the signatures include an ooey gooey Bread Pudding (great grandma's recipe that doesn't look like mush but like a loaf), Anglo Pork Chops, Steak cooked in red wine, Oxtail Vindaloo Pies and Steamed Ginger Pudding. Karen also bottles a bunch of relishes and chutneys, like the Devil's (raisins and onions) Chutney, Caramelised Onions and Bacon Relish and a Shrimp Sambal Powder. 

    Now that you want to place an order, make sure you do it at least two days in advance (on any day of the week) on HOA's Facebook or Instagram handle or by click on Enquire Now on this recommendation. Prices start at INR 190 upwards. Charges for Dunzo and Swiggy are separate.