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Afghani To Malaysian: Dial-Up Our Favourite Home Chefs For Some Yum In The Tum


    We love ourselves a good meal and when that meal is homemade, it'll make to our list of some of the top homechefs in the Bangalore. In this list, we've picked out some of our all-time favourites and some new ones and kept it as varied when it comes to the cuisine. So you'll find a bit of Asian, some South Indian goodness, and crowd favourites like chaat and hummus too. Go on, bookmark this list and order from our favourite Bangalore homechefs. 

    Disclaimer: Guys, don't hit them up last minute and expect them to whip up the meal for you. Prior booking is required for all the home chefs listed below. 

    Karnivore Kitchen By Kalyan

    If it's a meaty affair that you are looking for when it comes to homemade meals, there's Karnivore Kitchen By Kalyan. It's an all meat-menu with everyday specials. Masalas are homemade, meats are of premium cuts and free of antibiotics, and follows traditional recipes with home chef Kalyan's twist. 

    What To Order: The uber meaty, flavourful Bannur Mutton Pulao, Nalli Nihari, Pork Vindaloo, Pork Peppery Fry, and Chicken Ghee Roast. 

    Price: INR 300 upwards

    How To Order: Call or DM Kalyan by the number listed on the Karnivore Kitchen Handle. You'll have to arrange for delivery yourself. 

    Sumi's Kitchen

    Sumi's Kitchen

    Available Online

    If the above was an all-out meaty affair, then this kitchen is all about that vegetarian fare. Sumi's Kitchen does the Andhra-Brahmin thali meal that's made with ingredients, seasonal produce, and lots of the homemade goodness. Think Andhra-style Dosakai Pappu made with tuvar dal that's cooked with tamarind and Mangalore cucumber (southekai, if you need to know). Home chef Sumitra's meal is typical of the East Godavari District in Central Andhra Pradesh and it's a wholesome meal that we've had the pleasure of having at her place.

    What To Order: The Andhra-Brahmin Thali Meal and the range of pickles, podis, and condiments. 

    Price: INR 200 upwards

    How To Order: Order by getting in touch with her on Instagram or through WhatsApp -- Drop a text to 8951153518. 

    Bungaraya Malaysia Home Food

    Yup, turns out, you don't need to go to Malaysia every time you crave for some authentic sambal and chicken rice. Home chef Sunitha's Bungaraya Malayasia Home Food cooks up a range of Malaysian dishes that for anyone who's been to Malaysia is a trip back. For those of you who haven't, it's like experiencing the dishes found in the hawker centres and streets of Penang and Kuala Lumpur. 

    What To Order: Chicken Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Satay, South-Asian Chicken Rice, Cantonese Fried Rice, and Curry Laksa. 

    Price: INR 180 upwards

    How To Order: You can place an order through calls, WhatsApp or Instagram.

    Big J's Catering & Grill

    One of our favourite home caterers when it comes to food for parties and functions, Big J's Catering & Grill has a takeaway service currently, and we love it. It's a rotating menu that has a bit of everything -- steaks to kebabs. It's a new menu every weekend and the best part? There's always biryani. We love Big J's biryani. Their mutton biryani we ordered last year for our annual potluck -- thing of beauty. We feasted and then we slept. 

    What To Order: Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bacon & Chilli Fried Rice, and Southern Fried Chicken Burger

    Price: INR 200 upwards

    How To Order: DM them on Instagram or call on 9972192511/9996071932 to place your orders.

    Kairi Home Cheffery

    One of the newer home kitchens in Bangalore, we've ordered their Dal Pakhwan on multiple occasions. Home chef Roma's Kairi Home Cheffery has a limited but comfort food menu that includes a bit on Sindhi food, chaat, and some Mediterranean offerings. Apart from the food, you can also order homemade jams in flavours such as papaya and fig & apple. 

    What To Order: Dal Pakhwan, Mini Samosas, and Hummus & Lavash

    Price: INR 170 upwards

    How To Order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp to place your orders. You'll have to arrange for the delivery or pay on actuals to Roma for the delivery. 

    The Artisanal Pasta Company

    The Artisanal Pasta Company is another new entrant to our home chef's list and an instant favourite for their fresh homemade pasta. Harshit Garg, the man behind the home kitchen does a limited and changing collection of pasta and sauces to go with it -- think classics like tomato basil and pesto, to aglio olio and creamy bechamel. 

    What To Order: Ravioli, Spaghetti, and DIY Lasagne 

    Price: INR 180 upwards

    How To Order: To place an order, DM them on Instagram. They only accept the first 30 orders of the day. 

    House Of Anglo

    House Of Anglo

    Available Online

    We get the mood that our in-house part Anglo-Indian writer, Saniya is in when she says "Anglo-India cuisine is totes yearn-worthy!". And according to her, you need to order from House Of Anglo, because it's downright delicious. Everything is home-cooked by home chef Karen using all her family recipes (say hello to great grandmum's ooey-gooey Bread Pudding), and everything is made-to-order. Like everything -- sauces to masalas. 

    What To Order: Anglo Pork Chops, Bread Pudding, Steak (Cooked in red wine), and Oxtail Vindaloo Pies. 

    Price: INR 190 upwards

    How To Order: Place an order by reaching out to their Facebook or Instagram handle. Charges for Dunzo and Swiggy are separate.

    Papadum & Some

    Home chef Tresa Francis' Papadum & Some is all about bringing together her passion for cooking and her love for Malayali Syrian Christian dishes she grew up on. She has a loyal customer base that's been ordering from her for a while now and you need to be eagle-eyed when it comes to picking out the weekend orders. Chances of "sold out" are pretty high. 

    What To Order: Biryani (chicken, fish, mutton, and prawn), Appam & Stew, Kerala-style Prawn Dry, Chicken Roast, Red Prawn Curry, and Mutton Peppery Dry

    Price: INR 200 upwards

    How To Order: You can place your orders through her website or by calling the number listed and the delivery/pick up can done via Dunzo or Swiggy Go. 

    Klaa Kitchen

    Klaa Kitchen

    Available Online

    If you can't physically be in Goa, we're certain your palate can, especially when Rhea Aaron, founder and owner of Klaa Kitchen, whips up gourmet style Goan-Portuguese delicacies like Prawn Balchao, Chicken Bafat or her signature, Alice's Beef Pasty. The cloud kitchen is also known for Indian and Asian classics that come with their own twists and everything in the kitchen is made from scratch. Order in advance and have your meals the maria pita-way

    What To Order: Alice's Beef Pasty, Onion And Mushroom Quiche, Chicken Bafat With Coconut Rice and Pasties De Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart). 

    Price: INR 180 upwards

    How To Order: You can place your orders through Instagram or though LBB's Enquire Now feature (again, a day in advance for both). 

    Wullar Kitchen

    Get a taste of the Kashmir valley right here in namma Bengaluru through Wullar Kitchen. These guys specialise in Kashmiri delicacies like Mutton Rogan Josh, Mutton Yakhni, Aab Gosht and Nadru (lotus stem) Yakhni rice bowl with chicken options available as well. Fall-off-the-bone meat and rich gravies await your mouth, we insist you to not prolong the wait much. Also, all their bowl options are also available as rolls and puffs (think Mutton Rogan Josh Kathi Rolls). 

    What To Order: Mutton Rogan Josh, Nadru Yakhni, Mutton Mirchi Korma, Aab Gosht

    Price: INR 185 upwards

    How To Order: Place your orders through Instagram and keep a check on their weekly menus there.