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Eat Better With This Brand's Locally Grown Organic Fruits and Vegetables

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Do you know why people prefer organic food in their diet? It's because the food is or-gain-ic so you gain more health. Sorry. While my wit might not be upto the mark, tell you what is? Organic fruits and vegetables grown by Zuca Fresh, an organic food company that sells locally grown organic produce for Bengalureans. They work with small scale farmers and vendors across Bengaluru and release weekly produce lists. Sanjana, one of the co-owners shares that the idea was to focus on healthy eating and get as many people onto this bandwagon. Working with lesser margins and zero use of fertilizers. The brand does not use fungicides and does not apply means of cost cutting, rather, they ensure only quality and ask us? They’ve gotten the trick just right.

    Zuca Fresh boasts of close to 100 organic fruits and veggies, both local and exotic and we’re told that their seasonal produce is a must try. Breadfruit, Wild Mangoes, Beans like avarekai (Hyacinth beans) and karamani kai (black-eyed peas), star-fruit, and water apple are seasonal hotshots. On a sweeter note, we loved their Mangosteens. You can also go for their usual produce such as tomatoes, chillies and garlic or for a more unique experience, chives. Orders are accepted throughout the week and deliveries are done twice a week. Their prices range from as low as INR 20 for 250g of green chillies to as high as INR 350 for a kilo of organic apples and pomegranates. Deliveries are limited only to Bengaluru. Go on, learn about new local fruits and veggies and then go on to place your orders!


    Try their subscription model of INR 550 that includes a selection of produce.

      Available Online