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Peppa Zzing For Old-School Fries And Amazing Monster Burgers

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Simple, no-frills but spot on burgers, puts this one up with the more elitist burger places. If you’re looking for hand-tossed and non-mass produced patties, make sure you head here.

Sip On

Cold Coffee and Zzing Iced Tea

Chow Down

Cheese Fries, Lamb Monster Burger, Hot Dogs

Lowdown On The Ambience

Most people do home delivery or take-away. But if you do dine in, don’t expect glamour. It’s simple, clean and cheery with yellow walls and about four red tables and chairs. A billing and service counter makes up the rest of the eatery.

Happy Meal

Oh! How we love when a menu is short, sweet and focuses on the best. There’s burgers {Regular, Monster and Whammy}, hot dogs, pastas and a few starters/sides. Skip the pastas completely, we suggest, and pick from the burgers. After all, that is what the place is famous for. Serving lamb, chicken and beef versions, we love that they actually mince the meats and it’s not just a filet that is whacked on the buns. Lamb wins our hearts and tummies, hand down. It comes with potato crisps, mushrooms, mustard, onion relish and a double-fried egg – and that’s just the Regular size. Needless to say, all you Jugheads of the world with bottomless pits, try the Monster that comes with buns and two patties as big as a half plate! Want it bigger? The Whammy will sort you out for possibly all three meals of the day! Plus, double the relish and sides. You can even add on gherkins and jalapenos for added tang.

Fry Up

Whatever you do, don’t leave without ordering the Cheese Fries. While there’s other places that do this well too, we admire this place because the fries don’t go soggy. Loaded with melted cheese, the fries stay crisp for quite a while, so don’t hesitate when doing a takeaway either. Hot dogs are worth a try for a quick bite, and the Cold Coffee – strong, dark and sweet {like our dream man}, is ideal after a spot of shopping at the nearby Commercial Street.


Up for a real challenge? Order the T-Rex Burger – beef, chicken, lamb patties and steaks, plus mushroom, onion, a fried egg, gherkins, jalapenos, cheese AND bacon rashers.

Where: G-18, Kedia Arcade, 92, Infantry Road

Price: INR 600 for two

Contact: +91 9740758557

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