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Fuel That Daily Grind With Multiple Cups Of Flavoured Instant Coffee By Perfetto


    What Makes It Awesome

    Know good coffee when you taste it? Then Perfetto Coffee will sit well with those caffeine seasoned taste buds, and may even push you to say "ah, perfetto!" after every sip. How good can instant coffee get though? Well, enough to save you money, time and coffee waste (dregs or grounds) while being low on caffeine. If you didn't already know, instant coffee is traditionally lower in caffeine (60-80 mg as compared to 60-120 gm in brewed coffee or 250-350 mg in cold brews) but just as strong. A cup of joe to start the day then? Or an afternoon pick-me-up, and easy evening cold brew? Freely sip on multiple cups! You just found your best companion on a hectic (and not so hectic) day in Perfetto. Their tiny 100gm jars even make it easy for you to carry anywhere you go, so long as you have water handy! 

    Everything we just mentioned doesn't beat the flavour experience you're in for though. Cardamom, Mint, Berry, Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate Orange -- these are but a few of the flavours on their range. Dig deeper and you will find one that perfectly suits your fancy. The Cardamom by far is their most unique flavour offering inspired after Turkish Cardamom Coffee. It has a smoky, light warming note. A good choice to cook with too. All of Perfetto's coffees are sourced from Coorg and feature an Arabica and Robusta blend that is freeze dried to prolong longevity, taste and aroma. 


    Any 100 gm jar will cost INR 350. There's a starter pack with an assortment of 6 coffees too.