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Enjoy South East Asian Street Food In Namma Bengaluru Here!

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I am always on the lookout for scrumptious South East Asian Food and I recently stumbled upon Asia Street, the newest street kid on the block from the group of Via Milano Restaurants. While Via Milano is known for its intricate Mediterranean, primarily Italian cuisine offered in a classy setting, Asia Street is the exact opposite representation from the east. It offers rustic, street style, hawker-style food, presented in its original authentic form that you will fall in love with.

For starters, quite literally I had ordered the Thai Grilled Fish and the Sichuan Peppercorn Chicken on the bone. The Thai Grilled Fish was a beautiful fillet of basa, delicately wrapped in a banana leaf with exotic Thai herbs and grilled. The banana leaf wrap ensured that the flavours of lemongrass, shallots and basil were locked in and deeply infused into the beautiful slice of fish, with the Thai bird's eye chilli slivers hitting you hard on your palate with that expected spicy Thai kick. The Thai flavours were spot on and was a delightful bite that I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you are ordering from Asia Street, then the Thai Grilled Fish is definitely a must try and am sure you would enjoy it as much as I did.

The Sichuan Peppercorn Chicken on the bone was something very different from what I had expected. When you say on the bone, you typically expect a drumstick or wings or lollypop style chicken on the bone. But not here at Asia Street it was chunky chicken on the bone chopped into bite-sized pieces. For all those folks who love their meat on the bone and love to bite and chew, this appetizer is a delight, especially with a mug of your favourite beverage to accompany. I especially loved that overdose of roasted red chillies that has infused its character onto the chicken, until the bone. Not to mention that the spice kick was not overpowering that does not let you enjoy the meat, the balance was just perfect that it is thoroughly enjoyable to the core. I could just easily finish off this large portion, all by myself.

For mains I had ordered my daughter's favourite Sichuan Chicken Fried Rice, which was a well made, balanced fried rice with delicious flavours without any overpowering heat, though it could have been a little less oily, nevertheless, the taste was just as good.

The highlight of the entire meal was the Hainanese Chicken Rice that came with three superb sauces, and a delicious bowl of chicken broth soup. The authentic spicy Chili Sauce that just had the perfect hit of heat, the soy chilli with a slightly extra edge of salt (maybe with a drop or two of fish sauce) was just perfect companion for the mild yet flavorful Chicken rice. And the slightly more chunky hot sauce which had an interesting tinge of tanginess which balanced the whole meal. The rice was mildly flavoured cooked in the chicken broth, with delicious flavours of chicken coming through, the chicken pieces were beautifully slow-cooked and were absolutely fresh. All this goodness was served with a bowl of thin chicken soup, which is mostly the broth in which the chicken was cooked.

Overall a great place for south east Asian street style food, served beautifully with authentic goodness. This place is highly recommended and I am going to try the Thai curries soon