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Snack On 99 Varieties Of Chaat Made With All Sorts Of Crispies At Sri Sairam’s In Malleswaram

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A neighbourhood legend, Sri Sairam’s has acquired its lofty status thanks to the innovative chaats they have on offer. Choose the zaniest sounding ones from 99 varieties and you’ve got yourself a treat!

Sip On

Cold Coffee, Fresh Fruit Juice

Chow Down

Sairam’s Special, Floating Pani Puri

Winning For

Their inventive take on chaats that come at impressively low prices and the super-friendly service.

Lowdown On The Ambience

This is a brightly-painted shop near the centuries-old Kadu Malleshwara Temple. Get your token at the cash counter and stand around while they whip up your order in minutes. You can either enjoy your chaat while perching on the few plastic stools in the shop. Or, if the place is crowded {which it often is}, you’ll have to find a spot on the footpath.

99, Not Out!

Come evening and there’s a steady stream of customers headed towards Sri Sairam Chats. The owner happily welcomes new customers and those who come here routinely get an enthusiastic shout out. Sairam’s speciality is that it serves 99 varieties of chaat and most of them are the shop’s own creations. If you are confused by the deluge of names {which you will be on your first few visits}, just ask the owner what he would recommend and go for it.

From names like Anarkali, Disco, and Ting Tong, we chose to play safe and chose the Sairam’s Special. Most of these are made with different kinds of chips, fryums and local snacks like the Nippat {a crispy disc like snack that’s made from rice flour and spices}. The Sairam’s Special, for example, featured a generous helping of fryums that were drenched in a sweet and sour sauce. It came sprinkled with sev, peanuts, and also curd. While it was different from everything we’ve eaten, it proved to be a pleasant eat. The sauce had just a hint of  sweetness and really tied the dish together. And the fryums had soaked up the sauce and yet maintained its crunch.

Chaat Your Course

We also enjoyed the Floating Pani Puri. The puris came afloat in a tangy, spicy water that also filled up its insides. They also come stuffed with shards of carrot {yes, their chaats are very South Indian}, boondi, and mashed potato. While the puris had become a bit soggy by the time we popped them in our mouths, the pani and the filling had plenty of flavour and so we couldn’t complain much.

So, We’re Thinking…

Yes, the chaats are not authentic and have a heavy South Indian touch. But, if you have an open-mind, it’s unlikely you won’t enjoy these out-of-the-box versions.