Asia Represent: Sriracha Brings The Continent To Your Table

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What Makes It Awesome

The diverse menu at Sriracha has always brought us back, and we're here to tell you what to eat there. Start with the colourful  old favourites -- Charcoal Seafood Dumplings  with Chili Soy and Roasted Pumpkin & Water Chestnut Dumplings, or purple Wild Mushroom ones. The Fresh Turmeric & Red Chili King Prawns are worth ordering if you like seafood, but pick the Pork Belly over the chicken in tamarind and lemon. Vegetarians, you have to order the Pandan Leaf Wrapped Cottage Cheese - all off the Robatayaki grill. 

Definitely try the Cambodian piece de resistance -- the Charcoal Khmer Barbeque. A traditional Cambodian live charcoal grill, the name of this dish, Phnom Plung translates to Fire Mountain and that's what it was. Veggies and/or cottage cheese can be part of your dish, but for maximum effect, get chicken or the meats. Specifically pork and beef. Once the meat is ready on the "fire mountain", the chef will add a broth, throw in more vegetables and your choice of rice or noodles before tossing on the grilled stuff. 

Those of you who prefer to DIY, order the newest addition - Moo Shu pancakes. The dill pancakes (crepes more like) come piping hot accompanied with sweet chilli, turmeric coconut, and soy sauces (that you can mix yourself and create the perfect flavour for your palate). For fillings, choose from char sui roasted pork belly, pan roasted tenderloin, wok tossed Cantonese chicken, forest wild mushrooms, spiced tofu and water chestnut. For maximum satisfaction, consume like a taco. End with their signature sesame honey chilli cones for a touch of sugar. 


You might miss the restaurant as its entrance is just off 12th Main. So go where you see Sanchez, and then head upstairs. Alternatively, freely order in as they deliver through food delivery platforms.