Rasgullas To Litti Chokha: Embark On A Culinary Journey Through India At This Marathahalli Food Street

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A mini-India resides in Marathahalli! At least food wise. The service road that runs right in front of HomeTown and Innovative Multiplex transforms into a bustling, food street every evening between 5.30pm and 10pm. What makes the handful of stalls unique is that they serve culinary offerings from across India. From pav bhaji to ragda patties, rasgullas, and litti chokha – you are in for a real treat here. Here’s our pick of the best stalls.

Om Sai Sweets & Snacks

Prepare your sweet tooth for a royal pampering at this makeshift stall. Run by a family from Orissa, you can sink your teeth into downy rasgullas oozing with syrup and equally delicious gulab jamuns. There’s also malpua, soaked in a glistening, golden syrup. And for those of you who insist on something savoury, there’s Dahi Vada.


The most colourful stall around here, Annapurni has a loyal following and is known for its chaat. You can chomp on Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, and Dahi Sev Puri here. But we recommend the Ragda Puri, where they mashup, fried-up ragda patties {or samosas, if you please} and mix it up with a variety of sauces {spicy, sweet, and tangy} and dahi. Of course, we are in South India, so they add plenty of peas to it but if you aren’t a purist there’s no way you won’t enjoy the dish.

Nameless Litti Chokha Stall

Wedged between the barbeque and kabab stalls, is an unassuming one that serves litti chokha. Through the evening, the litti {dough balls that come stuffed with chickpea flour and spices} roasts on coals. Order a plate and they’ll halve a couple of littis, douse it in oil and serve it up with a spicy, green chutney and an aloo preparation.

Also, it’s not called nameless!


Jai Gurudev

Dessert on your mind? Then, race towards Jai Gurudev that stands close to Annapurni. The jalebis are a must since they are juicy, wafer thin, and crunchy. They also have rabdi which is good but not silken enough to floor us.

Bombay Pav Bhaji & Tawa Butter Pulav

The Bombay Pav Bhaji stall is where you can load up on the calories after a long day at work or after a visit to the movies close by. The Pav Bhaji is amply greased with oodles of butter and their Tawa Pulav comes generously loaded with spices.

Kolkata Rolls Center

Of course, no food street can be called complete without the Kolkata kathi roll. And this one is not about to disappoint you. You can order up paneer, aloo, mushroom and chicken versions. Go for the Double Egg and Double Chicken Roll if you are looking for something that will fill you up.

Prices at all stalls range between INR 30 – INR 100.