Get A Piece Of This: North Indian Canteen Fare For A Steal At This Indiranagar Eatery

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The Canteen serves up comfort food by the piece, in generous portions, without you needing to empty your wallet. 

What Makes It Awesome

Remember the days when you could get yourself a tasty snack at the canteen with all your buddies without worrying even if you’re broke? Head to The Canteen on Indiranagar 100 feet Road for their no-frills North Indian menu, and literal canteen food rates. 

Ideal for those of you who go with the whole squad to sit down and eat starters, short eats, and even for those picky I’ll-only-eat-one-piece types. Yes, they have a ‘Per Piece’ menu where you can get a fish finger, kabab, or soya chaap (personal favourite) for under INR 100. Enjoy common plate nibbles? Order the standard masala papad and peanut masala which is best enjoyed with their craft beers. Yes, this Canteen is for nostalgic adults, but who don’t mind the added benefits of being over the legal drinking age. For something harder, there are pegs, nips, and bottles of standard hard liquor, as well as wine, liqueurs, and classic cocktails. 

For mains, try their Dal Makhani with their onion kulcha (or Garlic naan for you traditionalists), as well as their potli biryani. What’s that you ask? It’s basically biryani cooked (baked) inside a flour case. The masala tastes just as good as a flavour for the flour, think biryani flavoured roti! End it with one of their two desserts - amply proportioned, hot gulab jamun, or cold phirni, and waddle out with a happy tummy, and wallet.


If you need a particular order customised for dietary restrictions, let them know and they’ll oblige. Oh, and you can even get ice cream with the gulab jamun, if you ask nicely.