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Get Malayali Syrian Christian Specials Home-Delivered From This Home Chef


    What Makes It Awesome

    From piquant beef fry to signature seafood specials, Papadum & Some (formerly Travancore Tasties) brings Kerala-style dishes and Syrian Christian specials right to your doorstep. For the lawyer-turned-food entrepreneur, Tresa Francis, Papadum & Some is all about bringing together her passion for cooking and her love for Syrian Christian dishes that she grew up on. From all-time favourites like Appam and Stew to the flavourful Red Fish curry, the online food delivery service is solely dedicated to authentic Kerala cuisine. Their Mutton Biriyani with succulent chunks of mutton is worth all the mention here too, as one of their bestsellers. 

    Single-handedly managing the orders (with a little help from her mother), Tresa uses traditional recipes and is very particular about the preparation of each dish, right from chopping the onions in a certain way (for that perfect crunch) to adding the spices (brought from Kerala). Orders have to be placed at least two days in advance so that she has enough time to procure the right ingredients and prepare the dishes.

    While starters include cutlets in beef, chicken, fish and spinach and corn versions (she even makes cutlets with vazhapoo or banana flower), the side dishes like Beef Ulathu (beef fry),  Kerala-style Prawn Dry and Red Fish Curry (seer fish cooked with Malabar tamarind and red chilli powder) vie for your attention. Make sure you try her Biryanis (chicken, fish, mutton, prawn and veg), made in a mix of Malabar and Kutchi styles. Oh, and Tender Coconut Pudding for your dessert fix! They've incorporated more vegetarian dishes into their menu by substituting the non-veg proteins with veg options. 

    The prices vary from INR 200 - INR 1,500 and their portions are good enough for three people. 


    You can place your orders through her website or by calling the number listed and the delivery/pick up can done via online delivering platforms.