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Burgers, Steaks And Cold Coffee: Comfort Food At Its Best At This Iconic RestoCafe

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What Makes It Awesome

There’s rarely anything on the Truffles menu that will disappoint you. It’s a good thing to know since you will be spoiled by choice here. So, go ahead, throw caution to the wind. While there’s no booze in sight (that means that you won’t have to pay crazy-high taxes), you can sip on decadent cold coffees, iced teas, and icy granitas. If you are going for something light, that leaves plenty of space for the food that you’ve ordered, settle for the Ice Tea or the Black Granita. Both come with cooling, refreshing flavours. However, if you are looking to make a meal out of your drink. We recommend the Ferrero Rocher, a super-rich cold coffee that blends espresso, chocolate sauce, Ferrero Rocher, hazelnut syrup and ice cream. Clearly, this isn’t for the calorie counters! 

Truffles’ long line of burgers occupies ‘first among equals’ status on the cafe’s menu. It’s a favourite with patrons and we don’t see any reason why you won’t love them as well. Prefer something classic? Then, the Lamb Burger, with a generously spiced patty and the crunch of lettuce will do you good. Or sign up for the Lamb Cheese Burst Burger – gooey cheese mixed with a minced patty. On healthy days, we opt for the Tandoori Chicken burger where a lean piece of juicy and spiced meat sits in between the buns.

Looking for other options? The Devil’s Chicken, shredded chicken tossed about in onions, bell peppers and soy sauce, makes for a delicious starter. For the main course, the Chicken Diane, made with a fillet that’s layered on with chicken mince and char-grilled before being dressed up in a mushroom or a pepper sauce, is a worthy choice. We also love the crumb-fried Chicken Cordon Bleu, where the chicken is wrapped up in salami and cheese before hitting the fryer. With food starting at INR 80 and going up to INR 400, we think this is worth the price! 

What Could Be Better

Come armed with patience as they don’t do reservations and the wait can be long. If you want to skip the crowds head here at 3pm or when the shutters open at 11 in the morning or simply avoid stepping out at all and order in!


Also, Truffles is in multiple locations now - St Marks Road, Koramangala, Indiranagar, New BEL Road and Kalyan Nagar so pick one that is closest to you. They also have a delivery only kitchen in JP Nagar (and other spots across town, just check Swiggy), so no need to battle traffic and crazy long lines if you live in South Bangalore. But you can still roll with what we suggested earlier.