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Shopping At UB City Mall On A Budget: We Tried But Did We Conquer?

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What do you when you are given an opportunity to splurge at the city’s most expensive mall? You take the assigned INR 10,000 and start shopping immediately. We know, we know INR 10,000 is hardly a budget, it’s more like an allowance at UB City. But we decided to make the most of the cash and headed to UB City one fine morning to see whether we could actually shop till we drop at UB City, with our budget on hand. Did we succeed? Find out below.

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Rare Rabbit

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Rare Rabbit

Let’s start off with the little secret nobody is in on – Rare Rabbit, the men’s clothing line is reasonable enough {considering it is in UB City}. Whether it is pastel coloured shorts, preppy casuals or distressed jeans – it is all under INR 4,000! Men can get their summer look on point with their casual shorts and pair them with their selection of cotton polo shirts {major Urban vibes}. We are setting our sights on a pair of men’s pastel-toned shorts for this shopping trip.

Damages: That’s INR  10,000 minus INR 1,999, which gives us INR 8,001 more to splurge

Bliss Chocolates

On the ground floor of UB City, we spotted Bliss Chocolates. A box of 30 assorted chocolates set us back by INR 1,800 and they come in such beautiful packing. If you are using a special day to indulge, you might as well invest on the chocolates to make your day even better. We ain’t done yet!

Damages: INR 6,002 minus INR 1,800, there’s still INR 4,202 to go.


The France beauty brand has quite a lot on offer in their little store in UB City. Our favourites would have to be the hand creams in Pivoine Flora and Cherry Blossom for their great fragrance – and they fit in our budgets too. At INR 750, these hand creams are going straight into our shopping bag.

Damages: INR 4,202 minus INR 750, which leaves us with INR 3,452


If you like yourselves flowers occasionally, then Floradelic will please you. The mall’s only flower shop, Floradelic offers gorgeous blooms, including carnations and lilies among others. But that’s not the point. We are here to tell you how aromatic their scented candles are too. Priced at INR 1,200, they come in pretty cubes and are apparently last for a long time. Why wouldn’t you want this on your list? It is definitely on ours.

Damages: INR 3,452 minus INR 1,200, which leaves us with INR 2,252


Diesel is one of those pricey high street labels that we are usually wary of. But you can pick from a selection of their accessories which are well within budgets such as perfumes {Diesel OTB Wild – INR 3,990} and briefs {INR 2,990} to wallets {INR 3,990}. But our pick is their collection of plain or printed socks. At INR 1,590 for a pair, this is going straight into our shopping bag.

Damages: INR 2,252 minus INR 1,590, which leaves us with INR 662.

The remaining INR 662 sounds perfect for some indulgence of the food kind. Cafe Noir, here we come for your Croc Monsieur and Creme Brûlée.