This New BEL Road Boutique's Home Decor Products Are Stuff Made Of Pinterest Dreams

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What Makes It Awesome

Unearth is a minimalistic yet gorgeous store that’s looking to add a touch of green to your space. They specialise in home decor pieces that feature terrariums and other plant life. So, expect handmade terracotta jars and pots that can brighten up your workspace or your kitchen or even your bathroom. They also have plenty of wooden and steel planters that can sit pretty in a cosy nook at your home or office. We are in love with the minimalistic Ikea-like aesthetic.

We also love their delicate glassware. Jars with elegant mouths that house cacti and other succulents, glass capsules that can be hung around your living space, and also bulb shape planters. Their products are priced between just INR 290 and INR 5,000. What we love is the fact that how each and every piece here might add to the nook of your home without overcrowding it.


Indoor plants are a common feature at the store. They’ve got them in all shapes and sizes so you can pick what goes best with your space.