Curtain Call: Grace Your Home With Character And Colour With These Curtains


    A room is more than a beautiful bedding. A home is more than furniture. And it's no news that one of the easiest ways to make a house feel like home is when its warm and cozy. Give your home that sense of warmth and coziness (and style) by adding curtains at windows and doors. If you are in the I-love-natural-light-through-the-curtains club or block-that-damn-sunshine-with-the-curtains club, we have options plenty for you at LBB's Home Bazaar. And to make the job easier, here's a list of curtains that you can Shop On LBB for your home, homie.

    Lotus Block Printed White Curtain From Zeba

    Lotus Block Printed White Curtain


    Light yet bright, extravagance yet classy, block printed lotus on 'em, lovely aesthetics, seven feet long, what's not to love about these door curtains? The light greyish tone of this stunner will cheer and brighten any grey day. If light colours (or white) rule the walls of your home, this will blend in beautifully. Plus point, you can never go wrong with this Mumbai-based brand Zeba that has been in the market of home decor and lifestyle since 1984. 

    This hanging beauty is for INR 1,575 (after discount)

    Sea Green Ivory Cotton Handwoven Jacquard Window Curtain From ArtEastri

    Sea Green Ivory Cotton Handwoven Jacquard Window Curtain


    Would you believe it if we said ArtEastri brought this curtain that is sustainable and handcrafted by people from eastern India? It's true! This curtain in sea green and ivory will transform the daytime sun into soft glowing natural light and give your room fresh feels and look. It's a mix of Kantha work and jacquard, and you must beautify your windows with this one to watch a lively play of shadows.

    This hanging beauty is for INR 1,400

    Printed Sheeting Curtain Tree of Life Graphite From The Shop

    Printed Sheeting Curtain Tree of Life Graphite


    Who needs wall art when there is this curtain for some door art? We love this recycled door curtain because it will match really well with different wall colours and lights. If you like minimalism in terms of home decor, this will work very well and you won't need to crowd your home with too much home decor otherwise. This will instantly soften the space. This brand's Jute Dori Curtain is for all the sheer curtain lovers. 

    This hanging beauty is for INR 2,000.

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    Reunión Mi Casa Curtain From Over A Pint Of Beer

    Reunión Mi Casa Curtain


    Sometimes the simplest elements have the biggest impact and it holds true for curtains. This one by A Pint Of Beer is unusual, quirky and so much fun. The urban contemporary vibe it exudes, is the kind that completes millennial homes. It comes in variants of five feet and seven feet. If quirk is your style, check out the brand's super fun range of bedsheets, coasters and more.

    This hanging beauty is for INR 1,500.

    Cotton Printed Black & White Mandala Curtain From Kirti Finishing

    Cotton Printed Black & White Mandala Curtain


    Is light therapy a thing? It should be. When the sunshine comes through these easy breezy Mandala curtains in the morning, that is exactly what it'll feel like. We think this cotton curtain is perfect for your spring/summer window update, transforming the way your home looks. For times when you look at the window for inspiration, this one will give you all that and more. 

    This hanging beauty (set of 2) is for INR 649 (after discount).

    Damask Cotton Jacquard Curtain From Home - The Best Is For You

    Damask Cotton Jacquard Curtain


    Expressive and striking, these curtains are as beautiful as evening dresses. We know the pain of setting up a house and the truckload of furniture you zeroed in on after months of planning. This curtain panel will give your room character. It's available in colours like blue, golden, turquoise, ivory but we are sold on the brown because it'll compliment all that furniture really well. #RegalFeels

    This hanging beauty is for INR 1,695.

    Dupion Curtains with Digital Print From Sivya

    Dupion Curtains with Digital Print


    Move over prints or solids throughout, these digital printed curtains have two different designs in one, making it look smart and contemporary. They will give your room that finished look. The brand, Sivya, also has an awesome collection of cushions. Go matchy-matchy!

    This hanging beauty is for INR 995.

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