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Massage, Diffuse, Relax, Refresh: This Brand Has Essential Oils For It All

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Vedic Bloom

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've recently jumped on the essential oil bandwagon (or have been on it for quite some time), please add Vedic Bloom to the list of brands to help you indulge, refresh and relax. Keeping mother earth, and us at the forefront, they have a range of pure, unadulterated, natural essential oil options, and nothing more or less. Which means that if you've been meaning to get it for your diffusers, beauty regimes, or life (you know, pillow covers, closets, nooks and crannies of the house that is "your zone"), Vedic Bloom will do the job. 

What we find cool is that they ensure sustainable products, right from sourcing the materials, production, and delivery to you. The ingredients are ethically sourced from growers who grow these plants and herbs in a way that does minimum damage to the environment. So no contamination by pollutants or chemicals. They come in 15ml glass bottles (this is a good way to check if your essential oil is pure, because pure essential oils can melt plastic!). Those of you looking for quick pick me ups can pickup the lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus, or bergamot options. Calm yourself at night, or through the day with their lavender, tea tree (both also great for the skin if used correctly) options. Just a few drops will do. While they all smell great, we love the smell of their ylang ylang, and rosemary oils in the room. 

The oils are priced between 274 and 389. It's definitely worth it, and available on LBB!


Beginners, their website outlines all dos and don'ts right from using it safely, to even having a chart for the appropriate way to dilute it with carriers and such.